Victory in the Pacific
Common Endgame Scenario
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

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Cyberboard file for Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

Position: The Japanese have the perimeter they envisioned at the start of the war -- but will it hold back the increasingly powerful US Navy?

Starts on: Turn 6
Time: 3 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +29

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands
Allied Control: Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Singapore, Truk
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Attu, Dutch Harbor, Midway, Saipan, The Philippines, Lae, Guadalcanal, Kwajalein, Maloelap
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Johnston Island, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands

Initial Forces
Pearl Harbor: 5+65 Alabama, 127 Baltimore, 127 Boston, 137+4 Essex, 137+4 CV 10, 137+4 CV 16, 027+2 Independence, 027+2 Princeton, 027+2 Belleau Wood, 027+2 Cowpens, 027+2 Monterey, 043 4th Marines (Turn 6 Reinforcements)
Ceylon: 456 Prince of Wales., 443 Ramillies., 443 Royal Sovereign., 336 Repulse., 117 Cornwall., 117 Devonshire., 117 Dorsetshire., 117 Exeter., 117 Shropshire., 0272 Formidable., 1241 Hermes.

Flexible IJN Forces: 2x695, 554, 3x444, 4x436, 5x1+27, 5x1+18, 3x1+17, 1+07, 146+4, 145+4, 2x124+3, 014+1, 6xLBA, 033, I-Boat

Flexible USN Forces: 3x5+65, 2x565, 3x553, 3x453, 13x117, 137+4, 2x027+4, 026+4, 10xLBA. 2x043

Special Rules: Prior to play, the Japanese player places units in "Flexible IJN Forces" at any owned base or port.  Then the Allied player does likewise.  Then begin with Turn 6 IJN patrols.  Missing amphibious units and LBA return to play on Turn 7.

Designer's Notes: This is the traditional IJN perimeter (plus or minus the flag in the North Pacific).  Other than Singapore, no major ports have fallen.  But it's still a very tough perimeter to crack.  Will the spread-out USN be up to the challenge?

This is a good practice scenario for both sides -- since this is often the fall-back position of an IJN player who fails to convert either Samoa or Pearl Harbor.  It's not uncommon to see something close to this in regular tournament games!

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