Victory in the Pacific
Unusual Situation Scenario
How'd We Lose Something That Big, Mate?

Text file for How'd We Lose Something That Big, Mate?

Position: The Japanese pushed south and west -- taking Australia but not quite getting Ceylon.  They also nearly eliminated the British while picking up bases left and right and setting up a formidable perimeter with plenty of guarded PoC.  Only problem, the IJN didn't do much damage to the USN, while the United States daring raids kept them from building a big lead -- and now the USN offensive is about to begin.

Starts on: Turn 6
Time: 3 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +19

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, Central Pacific Ocean, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Allied Control: North Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands, Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Singapore, Truk, Australia
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Attu, Midway, Saipan, The Philippines, Lae, Guadalcanal, Maloelap, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Dutch Harbor, Kwajalein, Johnston Island

Initial Forces
Pearl Harbor: 5+65 Alabama, 127 Baltimore, 127 Boston, 137+4 Essex, 137+4 CV 10, 137+4 CV 16, 027+2 Independence, 027+2 Princeton, 027+2 Belleau Wood, 027+2 Cowpens, 027+2 Monterey, 043 4th Marines (Turn 6 Reinforcements)
Ceylon: 456 Prince of Wales. [-2], 117 Exeter., 1241 Hermes. [-1]

Flexible IJN Forces: 2x695, 554 [-3], 444 [-1], 2x436, 5x1+27, 4x1+18, 2x1+17, 146+4 [-2], 145+4, 138+4, 005+2, 4xLBA, I-Boat

Flexible USN Forces: 3x5+65, 2x565, 553, 4x453, 13x117, 117., 2x137+4, 027+4, 026+4, 7xLBA, 2x043

Special Rules: Prior to play, the Japanese player places units in "Flexible IJN Forces" at any owned base or port.  Then the Allied player places its "Flexible USN Forces" likewise.  Then begin with Turn 6 IJN patrols.  Missing amphibious units and LBA return to play on Turn 7.

Designer's Notes: Australia doesn't fall very often.  In one game between Ray Freeman and myself, where my IJN had taken Australia, Alan Applebaum remarked, "The game is unsalvageable -- for either side!"

With a normal set of bases, the Japanese would be doomed in this kind of scenario.  However, the awkward basing position of the Allies is likely to give some free PoC to the IJN.  Will the remnant of their fleet be enough to score enough more PoC to stay ahead?

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