Victory in the Pacific
Historical Scenario
Historical Turn Four
Submitted by Jim Eliason

Text file for Historical Turn Four
Vassal file for Historical Turn Four

History: Scenario begins just before the historical naval battle of Guadalcanal.

Starts on: Turn 4
Time: 5 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +20

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands
Allied Control: North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Singapore, Truk
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Attu, Saipan, The Philippines, Lae, Kwajalein, Maloelap
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Dutch Harbor, Midway, Guadalcanal, Johnston Island, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands

IJN Initial Forces: 695, 2x554, 4x444, 4x436, 8x1+27, 5x1+18, 3x1+17, 2x1+07, 2x138+4, 2x124+3, 005+2, 014+1, 6x34*, 033, I-Boat
Allied Initial Forces: 2x5+65, 2x565, 2x553, 4x453, 443, 11x117, 117., 137+4, 027+4, 026+4, 8x24*, 043
British Forces (Ceylon): 2x444, 4x443, 2x117, 0272

IJN Sunk Units: 1+18 Mikuma, 1+17 Kako, 146+4 Akagi, 145+4 Kaga, 128+3 Soryu, 118+3 Hiryu, 015+2 Ryujo, 005+2 Shoho, 033 Yokosuka, 033 Sasebo
Allied Sunk Units: 456 Prince of Wales., 443 Arizona, 443 Oklahoma, 336 Repulse., 117 Astoria, 117 Houston, 117 Quincy, 117 Vincennes, 117 Canberra., 117 Cornwall., 117 De Ruyter., 117 Dorsetshire., 117 Exeter., 137+4 Lexington, 027+4 Hornet, 027+4 Yorktown, 1241 Hermes., 043 1st Marines
British Removals: 2x0272

USN Reinforcements (Pearl Harbor): As normal for Turns 5-8 except for the following additional ships: Nevada enters turn 5; California enters turn 7; and West Virginia enters turn 8.

Special Setup Instructions: Basing starts with Japanese surface ships. Then the US places its surface ships. Then the IJN places one SNLF and its CVs. Then the US places one marine and its CVs. No amphibious units and no more than five ships can base at any green base.  No ships at all may base at Midway. Then begin the game with turn 4 IJN patrollers and continue normally.

Designer's Notes: POC history: Turn 1 IJN controlled Japan, Marianas, Marshalls, SPO, CPO, Aleutians, Indonesia. USN controlled Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, Coral Sea, USM, Hawaii. North Pacific uncontrolled. IJN +4

Turn 2: IJN controlled Japan, Marianas, Marshalls, SPO, Aleutians, Indonesia, Bay of Bengal. USN controlled Central Pacific, Hawaii, US Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean. North Pacific uncontrolled. IJN +10

Turn 3: IJN controlled Japan, Marianas, Marshalls, SPO, Aleutians, Indonesia. USN controlled CPO, Hawaii, US Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal. IJN +13

I suspect that if the scenario starts with the IJN up 13 POC, they will be very unlikely to win. I suggest starting them with a 20 POC lead since the USN has very favorable CV attrition and an open raiding lane to Japan and the Marianas.

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