Victory in the Pacific
Unusual Situation Scenario
Where Have All the British Gone?

Text file for Where Have All the British Gone
Vassal file for Where Have All the British Gone

Position: The IJN launched a crushing naval attack into the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal -- annihilating the British Pacific Fleet and securing Ceylon.  The surface carnage was high, but carrier losses were relatively light -- even when up against Allied LBA.  Now the IJN turns its attention eastward in the hopes of stopping the budding island-hopping campaign of the United States.

Starts on: Turn 6
Time: 3 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +27

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Allied Control: North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands, Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Singapore, Truk, Ceylon
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Attu, Saipan, The Philippines, Lae, Kwajalein, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia
Allied Bases: Dutch Harbor, Midway, Guadalcanal, Maloelap, Johnston Island, New Hebrides

Initial Forces
Pearl Harbor: 5+65 Alabama, 127 Baltimore, 127 Boston, 137+4 Essex, 137+4 CV 10, 137+4 CV 16, 027+2 Independence, 027+2 Princeton, 027+2 Belleau Wood, 027+2 Cowpens, 027+2 Monterey, 043 4th Marines (Turn 6 Reinforcements)

Flexible IJN Forces: 2x695, 554, 444, 2x436, 5x1+27, 4x1+18, 4x1+17, 2x1+07, 146+4, 2x138+4, 128+3, 124+3, 2x005+2, 014+1, 6xLBA, 2x033, I-Boat

Flexible USN Forces: 3x5+65, 2x565, 553, 3x453, 9x117, 3x117., 2x137+4, 027+4, 026+4, 6xLBA, 043

Special Rules: Prior to play, the Japanese player places units in "Flexible IJN Forces" at any owned base or port.  Then the Allied player places its "Flexible USN Forces" at any owned port or base (with a maximum of five units at each owned base).  Then begin with Turn 6 IJN patrols.  Missing amphibious units and LBA return to play on Turn 7.

Designer's Notes: It's pretty rare to see Ceylon fall in normal tournament play.  In fact, I've only seen it once in the last fifteen years (and that was purely through an oversight of the Allied player who could have saved Ceylon with a lone LBA).  Like the Full Applebaum, this gives the IJN sheltered areas -- and, in this case, they're worth a lot (Indonesia and Bay of Bengal).  However, obtaining it means surrendering a lot to the USN -- including all its high-PoC home areas.  It should make an interesting game -- using many of the strategies currently favored in tournaments -- but applying them in new and exciting ways!

I've purposefully hammered the IJN surface fleet -- having gone against the British battleships.  However, the British carriers are lightweight, leaving the IJN carrier fleet in good condition for this stage of the game.  On the other hand, losses for the Allies (other than the British) are light and forward basing is good.  I've set the starting PoC very high because the USN has such a high potential to score a lot of PoC right off -- since a lot of its force can be brought to bear on the Japanese Islands immediately.

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