* * Ladder Board #1 - Round 63 * *
Andy Gardner (IJN; Bid 7) vs. John Lindley (USN)

The I-Boat Arrival and Individual CPO Withdrawal adjustments are in play.

John Lindley's Allies advance in the First Draw at the Top of the Ladder!

IJN Report:  In a game that saw an enormous disparity in dice fortunes, we ended in a draw.

From the firing standpoint, the star for the IJN was the I-Boat, sinking two USN CV's and Hermes! Unfortunately, the rest of the IJN forces had a very weak game, sinking only a single USN CV in the entire game. Just brutal. To compound the IJN misfortunes, were the pref rolls which they couldn't buy to save their lives. The USN merely had to sail into an area and got what they asked for. It pretty much got to the point where I wondered why I was even spending the time to roll them. All I could do was laugh when the results returned. And wonder how much in material it was going to cost me.  The USN fire was pretty darn stellar the whole game, just point, shoot and sink.

Key battles: T4- 3xUSN LBA stop all three IJN NLF which ultimately caused Saigon and Singapore to flip. Crazy. T5- The USN win the CPO pref roll and proceed to smoke 4 IJN CV. T8- Having managed, through board management to survive to T8, saw 4 IJN carriers (including their 3 best CV's) miss speed rolls. This led to only having 15 shots, instead of a possible 24, to shoot down two USN LBA in Hawaii. After first losing the pref roll, which may have ended the game (sans F-Boat shot) due to NLF invasion of Johnston, the USN holds the area with a lone 3dp LBA -- an LBA that was hit twice, BTW.

A very pretty unpleasant game to have battle through if you were the IJN. Still, pretty satisfied to have weathered the adversity and had a chance for the win at the end. It just didn't work out this time.

John Lindley was a pleasure to play against and I look forward to playing again in the future!

Draws are what they are. Never quite leaving either side satisfied.

I guess the final annoyance is that the old adage of "to be the champ you have to beat the champ" does not apply. In our case, you merely have to draw him.  Congratulations on reaching the top of the ladder, John!

USN Report:  Enjoyed the game and was lucky to get the tie even with the good rolls. I find it very difficult (maybe Iíll figure it out one of these days) as the Allies when I need to control the JI as well as the rest of the board (except the Aleutians, which I could not reach with patrollers). Lotís of place to cover and not enough LBA to do it well, so I needed to hope one of those pesky LBA would survive.  The 7th AF (my Fatherís old unit) barely held on with 3 damage points.  Hope to see you, Andy, again as well.

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