Victory in the Pacific
Play-by-E-Mail Ladder Tournament

* * Board #2, Round Three * *
John Pack vs. Mike Kaye

After Turn 8 (and Bid)
John (IJN; Bid 3.5) vs. Mike (USN) - USN +1.5 PoC
Mike (IJN; Bid 3.5) vs. John (USN) - USN + 3.5 PoC
Cumulative Score - John +2 PoC

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Since John and Mike both regularly finish PBEM VITP matches in less than three months, they have agreed to an unusual format for this ladder round.

Each opponent plays each side in two games which are played simultaeously (e.g., John is IJN in one game and USN in the other). Both games use the same bid and are AREA rated separately. The ladder winner is determined by adding the PoC scores for both games together.

In the sum of both scores is 0 (a tie), the battles for the final turns of each game will be refought and the new PoC scores used as a tie-breaker. The original results will be reported to AREA.

Turn 1
Since Turn One can change the balance of the game, both games will use the same dice rolls for the Pearl Harbor and Indonesian Air Raids, the Location Uncertain Rolls, the I-Boat shot, the Day/Night rolls for Round One, and the first round of combat in Indonesia and the Central Pacific (if any).

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