* * Ladder Board #2 - Round 22 * *
* * Runner-up Match * *
John Sharp vs. Mike Kaye

The I-Boat Raid, CPO Withdrawal, Free Pearl Harbor (to U.S. Mandate only), and West Coast Bases adjustments are in play.
Winner automatically qualifies for the Top 10 Invitational!

John and Mike are each playing both sides.  The scores from the games are compared to determine the final winner.  Identical dice for each attacking unit were used in the air raids.  The same will be true for the I-Boat throughout the game.

Turn 1
Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 5
Turn 6
Turn 7

Turn 1

Mike as IJN

Allied Comments: I sat idly by while Mike's Kates and Vals pummeled the Pacific Fleet, innocently at anchor on a quiet Sunday morning.  Mike's attacks killed a lot, but I was able to salvage Maryland (4 dmg), California (2 dmg), crippled Pennsylvania (4 dmg) and the 7th Air Force from the smoking wreckage of Pearl.

On the downside, Mike's I-Boat sank Hermes in the Bay of Bengal.

Both players got the same results in the Indonesia raids and battles: a clean sweep, with 5th Air Force shot down and both Prince of Wales and Repulse sunk.

POC IJN 7 after the first turn.

John as IJN

IJN Comments: With the vicious Americans shutting off our vital supplies - scrap steel and oil - I felt I needed to sink as many BBs as possible in Pearl Harbor, so I spread my IJN carrier's attacks as much as possible, focusing Akagi, Kaga, Shokaku and Zuikaku on the 4 defense BBs and the smaller CVLs on the bigger ships in Round 1.  I wanted good odds of bottoming the 4 defense BBs, but wanted to see if luck would get a 5 defense BB or two in Round 1.

By the ends of the two raids, all US BBs were bottomed or blown up except Maryland, with 4 damage.  She sailed only to be torpedoed leaving Pearl by the I-Boat.  I was VERY lucky.

Mike as the Allies got San Francisco and 7th Air Force out of Pearl Harbor.

Both players got the same results in the Indonesia raids and battles: a clean sweep, with 5th Air Force shot down and both Prince of Wales and Repulse sunk.

No surprises on the POC: IJN 7 after Turn 1.

The over-all score is tied at 7 POC apiece.

Turn 2

Mike as IJN

USN Comments: Mike sent strong patrols to Hawaii and the US Mandate, and a single 118 to the Coral Sea.  He also patrolled a 554 to the Marshalls and cruisers to the Japanese Islands, Marianas, Central Pacific and Aleutians.

I sent Allied patrols to the North Pacific (117), the Marshalls (green 3x117), Central Pacific (117), Coral Sea (2x117) and Indonesia (typical British fleet).

Mike sent his LBA to Indonesia (3), South Pacific (1) and the Marshalls (2).  I sent the 7th, 10th & 11th Air Forces to the US Mandate.

Mike sent Sasebo SNLF to the Aleutians, and Yokosuka SNLF to Hawaii.

Mike sent IJN raiders to support his patrollers in the Coral Sea, South Pacific, Marshalls, Central Pacific, Aleutians and Hawaii.

I decided to concentrate my raiders in the Coral Sea (2xCVs plus escorts) and the Aleutians (3xCVs plus escorts).  I decided the odds in Indonesia weren't to my liking, so sent no more CVLs there.

Mike placed the I-Boat in the Coral Sea for a shot at a US CV.

In the Marshalls, all three green cruisers were sunk, while Haruna took 3 damage and Mutsu was disabled by return fire.

In the Coral Sea, Suzuya and Kako were sunk, while Hosho was only disabled.  The I-Boat sank Enterprise, and Tone retreated, leaving the area to the Allies.

In the US Mandate, the Allied fliers missed all three targeted IJN cruisers, which retreated to Truk.

In Hawaii, Yokosuka SNLF took Johnston Island.

In the Central Pacific, strong carrier attacks put Vincennes on the bottom.

In the Aleutians, Yorktown was disabled.  Sasebo, Junyo and Kinugasa were sunk by return fire, and Ashigara was hit for 1 damage and disabled.

In Indonesia, Royal Sovereign was hit for 1 damage before the fleet retreated to Ceylon.

POC rose 8 to 15 for the IJN.  I felt lucky as I only lost one CV this turn, and kept something of a fleet for later.  Hawaii is the only Allied home area flagged, and the Northeast corner has been preserved.

John as IJN

IJN Comments: With the clean sweep of Battleship Row during my Pearl Harbor raids, I felt pushing the attrition further would be a good thing (sorry, Martha!).  With that in mind, I patrolled Hawaii with six 127s, the US Mandate with three 118s, and Coral Sea with two 118s.  I patrolled the Marshalls with one 127, and I also covered the Marianas (117), Japanese Islands (107), Aleutians (107) and Central Pacific (127).  I wanted to keep as many ships available for raiding as I could,  to adjust to Mike's patrols and LBA.

Mike patrolled lightly (NPO and SPO received cruiser patrols) except for the Marshalls.  Three green 117s attempted the block.  In Indonesia, three British BBs patrolled, just to keep me honest.

I sent out my LBA three to Indonesia, two to the South Pacific and one to the Marshalls.  Mike sent one LBA to the Marianas and two to the US Mandate.

I sent the Sasebo SNLF to the Aleutians, hoping to close Mike out of the northeast corner, and Yokosuka SNLF to Hawaii.

Seeing only two LBA defending the US Mandate, I felt the time was right to be aggressive.  I split my IJN raiders, sending Shoho to the Aleutians, Junyo to the Marianas to try to take out the 7th Air Force, and strong forces to both Hawaii and the US Mandate.  I was careful to send only fast ships to the US Mandate.  All slow ships went to Hawaii, expecting the Marshalls block.

Mike surprised me by sending Hornet to Hawaii on a suicide mission, hoping to catch the Yokosuka transports before the SNLF hit the Johnston Island beaches.    He sent three CVs to the Marshalls to support the block, and one to the Coral Sea.  Two BBs and four cruisers went to the US Mandate to assist the 10th & 11th Air Forces in their defense of the area.

Finally, I sent the I-Boat to the Marshalls, for a shot at a US CV.

In the Marshalls, I got the night I wanted, sunk De Ruyter while the Allies only disabled Takao.  Then, the I-Boat sank Enterprise.  The next round was day, during which the 26th Air Flotilla sank Saratoga, while Saratoga and Lexington shot down the 26th.  This gave the Allies control of the Marshalls, and Mike his block.

In the Central Pacific, Nachi was hit for 2 damage and disabled, for no losses to the Allied cruisers sent to reinforce Midway.

In the Coral Sea, Tone was sunk, and Suzuya ran for her life.

In the South Pacific, the 24th & 25th Air Flotillas could only intimidate/disable Houston into leaving the area.

In a number of rounds in the US Mandate, Shokaku was hit for 1 and disabled, and the three IJN patrollers were either sunk or disabled.  Both Allied LBA were shot down, and only two of the six Allied surface ships escaped the area.

In Hawaii, Mike got his necessary Day.  In response, the five IJN CVs put Hornet out of her misery, Hornet's airmen, on the other hand, could only inflict one (1) point of damage on Yokosuka, whose troops quickly swarmed ashore on Johnston Island to secure the airfield for the IJN Zeros, Bettys, Vals and Kates.

In the Marianas, Junyo whiffed against the mighty 7th Air Force, while the 7th disabled Junyo to secure the area for the Allies.

In Indonesia, since the Allies declined to accept an air battle, keeping their precious CVLs in Ceylon, the IJN LBA attacked the BBs.  Unfortunately, only one point of damage was inflicted before the Brits found safety in fleeing back to their base.

In retrospect, this turn was good for the IJN.  I got the attrition I wanted, lost few ships, and removed the flags in the US Mandate and Coral Sea.  Thorns in my side: the Marshalls, the Marianas and the Central Pacific.  Lucky for me Mike missed Yokosuka, so I have a place to base my slow ships for the next turn's patrols.  POC is only 13...

Turn 3

Mike as IJN

Mike's IJN patrols concentrated on stretching the Allied resources.  Strong surface forces patrolled the Japanese Islands, respecting the Allied forces in the Northeast, and Hawaii, for the conversion attempt.  Two 118s and one 118 went to the US Mandate and Coral Sea, respectively.  The Aleutians, Marianas and Central Pacific each got lone patrollers.

I countered with British cruisers (2) and four BBs to Indonesia.  Two Brit BBs kept the Bay of Bengal reasonably safe, and Cornwall patrolled the Indian Ocean, just in case I ever need a flag there.  Single US cruisers went to the North Pacific, Marshalls, Central Pacific, Coral Sea and US Mandate.

Mike surprised me with his LBA, sending two to Indonesia (guess he's NOT ducking or letting me have it), two to the South Pacific, one to the Marshalls and one to Hawaii.  I deliberated for a while, and sent two to the US Mandate and four to Hawaii, hoping to cause some CV casualties.  I felt he was going to convert Pearl regardless of what I did (just sending more carriers if I sent more LBA), so I hedged my bet and sent the two LBA to the US Mandate.

Kure headed for the Aleutians and a date with Dutch Harbor.  1st & 2nd Marines quickly vacated Hawaii, looking for safety in the US Mandate.  Glad we are using Option 3B, where the T3 reinforcements may move to the US Mandate through the IJN flag in Hawaii.

Mike's raiders reinforced his flag defenses in the Japanese Islands, South Pacific and the Marshalls, along with following up on his invasion and conversion efforts in the Aleutians and Hawaii.  Six big CVs joined the large surface fleet in Hawaii, giving Mike six CVs and an LBA against my four Allied LBA.

My Allied raiders went for areas where Mike wasn't in strength.  Surface forces (including the three BBs out of Pearl) supported patrollers in Coral Sea and the US Mandate.  Battleships, cruisers and three CVs headed for the Marshalls against Mike's LBA, two CVLs and Kirishima.  In the north, Saratoga, two BBs and two CAs left port to try to stop the SNLF heading for Dutch Harbor.

Finally, in a "What the heck, they leave next turn anyway" move, I sent the three British CVLs into Indonesia, hoping to kill an LBA before the next turn.

Mike sent the I-Boat to the Marshalls, to catch a CV.

Day/Night rolls: IJN get day in the Marshalls; day in South Pacific; day followed by night in Coral Sea; the Allies get the day they want in the US Mandate.  Hawaii, Indonesia and the Aleutians are day by agreement.

In the Marshalls, Mike can only disable Lexington, while the three US CVs gang up on the 23rd Air Flotilla and shoot it down.  The I-Boat targets Yorktown, but misses.  Round 2 sees a day/night, with Ryujo disabling Enterprise, Enterprise hitting Ryujo for 1 damage and disabling her, and Yorktown sinking Kirishima in preparation for the night round.  During the dark of the night, the Allied surface ships pound poor Hosho until she sinks beneath the waves, ending combat in the Marshalls.

In the South Pacific, the combined efforts of two LBA and Zuiho put Portland on the bottom of Ironbottom Sound.

In the Coral Sea, Tone is disabled; return fire misses.

In the US Mandate, Allied fliers sink Kumano, but allow Chikuma to escape untouched.

In Hawaii, the IJN shot down the 5th & 7th Air Forces, but missed the 10th & 11th.  In return, the Allied LBA sink Shokaku and disable Zuikaku, Akagi & Kaga.  Round 2 sees Soryu & Hiryu putting three (3) damage on the 10th Air Force, while both 10th & 11th Air Forces fail to inflict any damage.  Round 3 has Hiryu & Soryu shooting down the 11th Air Force, while Soryu is sunk by 11th Air Force.  Round 4 the 24th Air Flotilla and Hiryu finally kill the 11th Air Force.  The wounded 11th Air Force disables Hiryu.

In the Aleutians, Hiyo sinks Saratoga, and Saratoga sinks Kure, accomplishing the Allied objective of saving at least one NE base.  The Allies run, hoping the Japanese northern fleet will let them go, but no dice.  Round 2 sees Hiyo put 3 damage on New Mexico.  Round 3 Hiyo finally sinks New Mexico.

At this, the Allies split into three groups.  They hadn't scattered before, because if a night occurred, a BB could shoot at the only IJN patroller, Takao.  With only three Allied ships now, Mike leaves Takao behind.  With no chance of a shot at the patroller, it is time to split up.  Round 4: Hiyo and Kumano pursue Idaho, but the result is night.  Kumano hits Idaho for 1, and Idaho hits Mikuma for 1 damage.  Furutaka and Mogami miss Chicago and Astoria, respectively.  Chicago and Astoria also miss.  Round 5 Hiyo gets her crews airborne early and they sink Idaho.  Furutaka disables Chicago, who turns and sinks Furutaka; Mogami disables Astoria.  This ends the Aleutians combats.

In Indonesia, Formidable is disabled and Indomitable is hit for 2 damage.  In a stunning comeback, Formidable and Indomitable combine for a 5 point hit to shoot down the 25th Air Flotilla, and Illustrious gets 2 hits and 9 damage to down the 26th Air Flotilla to flag Indonesia and leave the IJN with only three (3) LBA for Turn 4.  Wow!  Even better, with Indomitable hit for 2, she will be removed with one other CV, leaving a CV present to make more trouble in Indo next turn.

During this turn, Pearl Harbor converts through isolation, but POC only increases by two to IJN +17 at the end of Turn 3.  Allied flags in Indonesia, the North Pacific and the Marshalls, along with only three (3) IJN LBA next turn, ought to give me some help in keeping the POC down to a reasonable level.  Wasp will bring my CV level up to four, and I still have a functional British CVL.

John as IJN

The IJN patrolled two 118's to the Coral Sea, 4x436s, Chikuma (1 dmg) and Shoho to the US Mandate, 4x127s to Hawaii. single cruisers to the Japanese Islands, Marianas, Central Pacific and North Pacific, to allow the greatest ability to react to Mike's Allied patrols.  Mike has only four LBA, and I want to be able to push in all of the Allied home areas.  His surface casualties have been severe, so I will use my surface ships to deny him areas.

Mike patrols a single 117 to the Coral Sea, two green 117s to the Marshalls, a lone 117 to the Aleutians and the usual Brits to Indonesia.

IJN LBA go to the South Pacific (1), the Marshalls (1) and Hawaii (3).  Mike splits his LBA, sending three to Hawaii and one to the Marianas.

Kure leaves Yokosuka for the Marianas, hoping to clear that pesky RNZAF from the skies.  1st and 2nd Marines head for Johnston, hoping to rid Hawaii of the 23rd, 24th & 25th Air Flotillas threat to Pearl Harbor.

I send my IJN raiders as follows: Yamato to the Aleutians, to try to get rid of the Astoria patrolling those cold waters.  Hiyo and Hiryu raid the Marianas, hoping to catch the RNZAF if Kure doesn't get ashore.  Soryu joins Mikuma and Suzuya in the Coral Sea.  Junyo & Hosho join Shoho and surface patrollers in the US Mandate.  To Hawaii goes the bulk of the IJN raider fleet: six (6) CV/CVL, six (6) BBs, and six (6) more cruisers.

Mike sends his Allied raiders to four areas: CVs to the Marshalls, to kill the 22nd Air Flotilla and convert the bases.  The three T3 BBs to the US Mandate, three cruisers to the Coral Sea to try to snatch control from the 118s, and seven (7) cruisers to the Marianas, to get a shot at the two IJN CVs.

I send the I-Boat to the Marshalls, hoping to bag one of Mike's two carriers.

In the Day/Night rolls, Mike gets day in the Marshalls, Night in the Marianas, but I get day in the Coral Sea, day in the US Mandate and night in the Aleutians.  Hawaii is day by agreement (Mike fears the day/night combo).

In the Marshalls, Yorktown & Lexington quickly shoot down the 22nd Air Flotilla, which whiffs against Yorktown.  The I-Boat misses, too.  The bases WILL convert as Mike flags the Marshalls twice!  Ugh!

In the Marianas night battle, Aoba misses Vincennes, Hiyo misses Chester, but Hiryu disables Chicago.  The Allies disable Kure, but miss Hiyo, Hiryu & Aoba.  Whew!  Round 2 is day, and the Hiyo and Hiryu can only ding the two targeted cruisers for 1 damage each.  Mike's RNZAF misses Hiryu.  In Round 3, a day battle, I come to my senses and fire on RNZAF with both Hiyo & Hiryu, getting two hits for 7 damage and shooting RNZAF down.  Obligingly, RNZAF misses Hiryu yet again.  Mike decides to stay for another round, hoping for night, but it isn't to be.  Day brings bombs to Portland and Salt Lake City, sinking both.  The Allied cruisers run in separate groups.  I let them go, wanting them to base far to the south, NOT in the Philippines.  leaving my carriers ready to raid, Mike sends all four cruisers to Australia.  Chicago had disabled to the Philippines, so Hiyo and Hiryu raid her, blowing her up.

In the Coral Sea, Soryu hits Idaho for 1 and disables her.  In round 2, Soryu air raids Australia, putting Idaho out of it's misery.  Mikuma & Suzuya chase Houston, and sink her without loss.

In the Aleutians, Yamato sinks Astoria, who disables Yamato in return!

In Hawaii, 7th Air Force is hit for 3 damage, 5th Air Force is hit for 2 damage, RAAF is missed, and both Marines are sunk.  In return, the Allies disable Zuikaku and Akagi.  The Allies retreat, ending the battle.

In the US Mandate, North Carolina is hit for 5 damage and disabled.  The two remaining Allied BBs retreat, splitting up.  Both Colorado & Mississippi are sunk before the night phase of the day/nights rolled for both of these pursuits!

I am very happy with this turn.  Yes, I still have problems - Kwajalein and Maleolap flip due to isolation, and the Philippines and Midway are still Allied.  However, POC goes up 12 to 25, and there are flags in Coral Sea and the US Mandate.  Mike will have seven (7) LBA next turn, but will HAVE to use them to hold the US Mandate and Coral Sea if he doesn't want to see the entire IJN sitting on his doorstep converting Samoa, and maybe New Hebrides and the 'Canal.

Overall (both matches): POC is John +8

Turn 4

Mike as IJN

After the Allies STOLE Indonesia from two IJN LBA, Mike decides to fortify his high-POC areas by patrolling more heavily.  The Japanese Islands get two BBs, the Marianas get a BB & CA, South Pacific gets a fleet of BBs and CAs, Hawaii gets two BBs,  and single CAs head for the Coral Sea, the US Mandate, the Central Pacific, the North Pacific and the Aleutians.

The Allies send many Brits to Indonesia, a couple of BBs to the Bay of Bengal, a wounded BB each to the Coral Sea and US Mandate, and one CA to the Marshalls.

Mike placed his 3 IJN LBA in Indonesia.  I placed the Allied LBA 2 in the US Mandate, 1 in the North Pacific and 1 in the Aleutians.

Both IJN SNLF sailed for the South Pacific, their barges ready to land on Guadalcanal.  1st Marines approached Johnston Island, and 2nd Marines entered Indonesia, hoping to get ashore in the Philippines.

IJN raiders put Shoho into the Japanese Islands, Hiryu into the Marianas, Akagi, Kaga and escorts into the South Pacific, Hiyo into the Marshalls, and Zuikaku into Hawaii.  Zuiho joined Chikuma in the Coral Sea.

Two Allied carriers and six cruisers went to the Japanese Islands, an extra BB to the Coral Sea, Wasp and four BBs to Hawaii, Lexington and two BBs to the Marshalls, and three CAs to the Central Pacific.

The first round of combat  saw night in the Japanese Islands, day followed by night in the Marshalls, night in Indonesia, day in Hawaii, night in the Coral Sea, day in the US Mandate, day in the Aleutians and day in the North Pacific - almost perfect for the Allies.  Only Hawaii bucked the trend.

Highlights: IJN lose Zuikaku, Tone, Hyuga, Zuiho, Chokai, Yamashiro, Hiyo, Atago, Mutsu, Ise, Ryujo (air raid - Yokosuka).
Allies lose Lexington, Pennsylvania, Exeter; a hit scores 2 damage to Yorktown.

Base changes: IJN took Guadalcanal, by invasion; Allies took Philippines, by invasion, and Maleolap & Kwajalein by isolation.

IJN controls Indonesia, Marianas, South Pacific, for 7 POC.
Allies control US Mandate, Marshalls, North Pacific, Aleutians and Bay of Bengal for 6 POC.
Uncontrolled - Central Pacific, Hawaii, Coral Sea and Indian Ocean.

Net Turn POC: IJN +1
Net Game POC: IJN +18.

John as IJN

To capitalize on the luck so far, I pushed the Allies hard.  Patrols to the Coral Sea and US Mandate were 3 & 4 CAs respectively.  South pacific got 2 CA, while Hawaii hosted Nagato & Mutsu on patrol.  Two CAs patrolled the Marianas, and the Japanese Islands, Marshalls, Central Pacific and North Pacific each got single CAs.

Mike's Allies, with his reinforcements locked in the US Mandate, patrolled there, while the Brits covered the Indian Ocean, Indonesia and the Bay of Bengal.  The rest of the US Navy readied for raids.

IJN LBA to Indonesia (3), Marshalls (1) and South Pacific (1).  Allied LBA to Indonesia (1), Marianas (1 plus 1 damaged) and the US Mandate (3 plus 1 damaged).

One IJN SNLF to the Marianas, and two to the Coral Sea.

IJN raiders reinforced the Coral Sea, Marianas and US Mandate.

Allied raiders hit Indonesia and the Marianas.

Combat highlights: in the US Mandate, in one round of day action, the four Allied LBA SINK all four IJN patrollers.  Two LBA are lost, and the remaining two retire, having saved Samoa. 

IJN losses: Suzuya, Mikuma, Mogami, Chikuma, Aoba, Kinugasa & Ashigara.
Allied losses: Wasp, RAAF, 11th & 13th Air Forces.

IJN Control: Japanese Islands (3), Indonesia (3), South Pacific (2), Coral Sea (2), Hawaii (2), Marshalls (1), Central Pacific (1), North Pacific (1), total 15.
Allied Control: Bay of Bengal, (1) Marianas (1) & Indian Ocean (0), total 2.
Uncontrolled: US Mandate, Aleutians.

Bases: Port Moresby and New Hebrides to IJN by invasion; Guadalcanal to IJN by isolation.

Net Turn POC: IJN +13.
Net Game POC: IJN +29.

Overall (both matches): POC is John +11

Turn 5

Mike as IJN

Mike patrols the IJN ships heavily in the Japanese Islands, Marianas and Indonesia, hoping to cover his SNLF as they attempt to clear the Philippines.  LBA patrol Hawaii, South pacific, and a lone LBA to Indonesia with the surface patrollers.

The Brits go into Indonesia again, and single blue patrollers cover Coral Sea, US Mandate and South Pacific.  Allied LBA appear in Bay of Bengal (1), Indonesia (4), Marianas (2), Marshalls (1), North Pacific (1) and the Aleutians (1).

Mike's SNLF both go to Indonesia.  Allied Marines go to Hawaii (for Johnston again) and the Coral Sea (for Guadalcanal.

IJN raiders send a cruiser to Indonesia to beef up the SNLF screen, a 436 to the US Mandate to try to steal two POC, a cruiser to the Coral Sea for a POC steal, and four CVs/CVLs to the Marianas to reinforce the seven patrollers there.

Combat highlights: In Indonesia, the Allied LBA disabled BOTH IJN SNLF, to save the Philippines and allow the Allied Marianas LBA to participate in the looming day battle.  In the Marianas, one IJN CV is sunk, two disabled, and one crippled.  The Allies lose one LBAs, one CV, and have a CV crippled.  However, a lone LBA survives to rule the skies and control the area.

IJN losses: Kaga & Fuso.

Allied losses: Enterprise, RAAF, Pensacola & Astoria.

IJN Control - Japanese Islands (3), Central Pacific (1), Hawaii (2) and South Pacific (2) for 8 POC.
Allies - Aleutians (1), North Pacific (1), Marshalls (1), US Mandate (2), Coral Sea (2), Marianas (1), Indonesia (1) and the Bay of Bengal (1), for 10 POC.
Uncontrolled - Indian Ocean

Bases converted: Johnston Island to Allies, by invasion

Net Turn POC: Allies +2
Net Game POC: IJN +16

John as IJN

In an effort to pin the Allied T6 reinforcements, I patrol the US Mandate heavily.  I send seven (7) BBs and Myoko, along with four slower carriers.  After speed rolls, the IJN has eight (8) patrollers, plus an LBA subsequently sent.  Mike only has 7 LBA, of which 3 are damaged.  I also patrol the Marianas, Hawaii, South Pacific, Japanese Islands, Central Pacific and North Pacific.  Mike can de-POC some of these, but I want the flags if he goes elsewhere.  If I lose the single CAs and the POC, it won't matter, with the POC pegged at 29 and likely to stay there this turn and maybe next.

Mike patrols Indonesia (Brits), Bay of Bengal (Brit), Indian Ocean (Brit), Coral Sea, and South Pacific.

IJN LBA: Indonesia (2), Marianas (1), Marshalls (1 plus 1 damaged), and US Mandate (1 already mentioned).
Allied LBA: US Mandate (4) and Marianas (3 damaged).

IJN SNLF: Marianas (1, with 3 damage)
Allied Marines: Coral Sea (2) and Hawaii (1).

IJN raiders: I support the Marianas, Hawaii and the US Mandate (most here).
Allied raiders: Mike challenges me in Hawaii, Indonesia, the Japanese Islands and South Pacific.

Combat highlights: Mike disables the Marianas SNLF to save the Philippines again.  I do kill one of his LBA.  It takes two more rounds to snuff out these pests, and cost another CVL.

In Hawaii, the IJN CANNOT sink or disable the 1st Marines, even with the I-Boat, and 1st Marines invade Johnston.  However, after a few rounds, the IJN retains control - by one CA, to flag Hawaii again and convert the base at Johnston Island back to IJN control.

Worst for Mike is the IJN flag in the US Mandate, keeping his much-needed Turn 6 carriers locked in the south.

IJN controls - Indonesia (3), Marianas (2), Marshalls (1), US Mandate (2), Hawaii (2), Central Pacific (1) and North Pacific (1) for 12 POC.
Allies control - Coral Sea (2), Indian Ocean (0) and the Bay of Bengal (1) for 3 POC.
Uncontrolled - Japanese Islands, South Pacific

Bases: Johnston Island invaded, but re-converts to IJN control by isolation; New Hebrides and Guadalcanal convert to Allied control by invasion.  Marshalls bases (Kwajalein and Maleolap) convert to IJN by isolation.

Net Turn POC: IJN +9
Net Game POC: IJN +29

Overall (both matches): POC is John +13.

Turn 6

Mike as IJN


John as IJN

Turn 7

Mike as IJN


John as IJN


Engame Comments

John: Mike and I have just finished our two games.

I won both, to my amazement.  Luck was definitely in my favor in both games.

John IJN score after Turn 7 was IJN + 29, with a mathematical lock on a victory.

Mike IJN score after Turn 7 was IJN +2, bid -3.5.  Mike conceded when my Allied fleet took Okinawa, broke control in the Japanese Islands and held Hawaii against five IJN LBA, allowing Pearl to convert.

My understanding is that both of these combine for a ladder win for me, and each counts as an AREA win for me.

Mike: Accurate.  John played very well and deserves a hearty congratulations. 

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