* * Ladder Board #4 - Round 15 * *
Tim Tow (IJN; Bid 4) vs. Anders Egneus (USN)

The I-Boat Raid and CPO Withdrawal adjustments are in play.

Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 5
Turn 6
Turn 7

Turn 2

IJN Comments: On turn 2, I put 2 CVL's in CPO, 2 CV's in the US Mandate to face 1 LBA, 1 CV in the Aleutians and the balance in Hawaii.  He faced me with 3 CV's in the USM and 2 CV's in the CPO.

I got day in the CPO and disabled and crippled 1 CV, while he sank both of my CVL's.

In the USM, he got night and sank 1 CV while putting 1 damage on the Zuikaku. The I-boat missed.

My USM force decided to retreat and he pursued with all three CV's. I got a day action but my 4 banger CV whiffed entirely while his did not.

In retrospect, I should have put the extra CV's into the CPO instead of going up against 1 LBA in the Mandate.

His T2 LBA deployment was conservative with 1 LBA in the Mandate, Coral Sea, and Marianas.

Seven more for the IJN leaves the score at 14 POC.

Turn 3

USN Comments: IJN +9 POC.  Hawaii has fallen, but the CV loss rate is 5-0 for the IJN. USN keeps being lucky on D/N rolls.

Turn 4

IJN Comments: IJN carrier attrition continues leaving only 4 IJN CV's afloat vs. 6 US carriers. IJN succeses this turn include control of the US Mandate and the conversion of Midway, but this is balanced off by the conversion of the Marshall bases and control of the South Pacific for the Allies.

With the central position, the Allies now have the IJN fleet split between Truk and Hawaii.

Here's the current board control situation for those watching at home.

Turn 4 End

Japan: IJN
North Pacific: IJN
Indonesia: IJN
Hawaii: IJN
US Mandate: IJN
Marshalls: USN
South Pacific: USN
Coral Sea: USN
Bay of Bengal: USN

IJN +16 PoC

Turn 5

IJN Comments: Turn 5 saw little combat as the IJN controlled the Marshalls, Marianas, Japan, and Hawaii, CPO and everthing on that side of the board, but the US held the rest and was able to land marines successfully in the Philippines and Lae and controlled Indonesia and the South Pacific.

An IJN attempt to seize the Marshalls bases was foiled when a day/night action ensued.

POC +19 IJN is the Japanese highwater mark.

Turn 6

IJN Comments: Turn 6 saw both fleets positioning themselves for next turn with no combat as the US Marines moved to base at the Marshalls while the US consolidated its positions in the Marianas and Indonesia. Saigon and Singapore convert to allied control.  POC +17 IJN

Turn 7

IJN Comments: Turn 7 saw a last gasp by the IJN fleet which was heartened when the turn 7 reinforcements all went to Hawaii as patrollers. However IJN marines are stopped in both the CPO and Marianas by night actions.


At this point the IJN player resigns.

USN Endgame Comments: I was indeed lucky to win both battles on T2 without CV losses, and after that I could pick my battles (and I must agree that even if I picked my odds at over 50%, I ha way over 50% luck). I thought I would have to face a massive assault on Samoa T5, but you never grabbed the Hebrides - once the POC was shot T3, that seemed to me to be the reasonable path to an IJN victory.

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