* * 2009-2011 BPA Single-Elim * *
* * Third Round * *
Michael Day (IJN; Bid 6.5) vs. Ed Paule (USN)

As told by Ed Paule...

Turn 1: The IJN attack on Pearl Harbor is devastating. Only California escapes. 7 BBs, 2 CAs, and the LBA are sunk. Repulse escapes from Indonesia. Prince of Wales and Repulse combine fire and sink Fuso for some consolation. Force Z arrives in CPO. My first thought was that this was a great opportunity for me. If Hosho would miss, I could knock off a couple Jap cruisers to balance out the disaster at Pearl. But in round 1, Mike gets night against the flag and I lose Yorktown and Quincy to no avail.

Turn 2: Normally, the USN has 5CVs and 3 LBA available on turn 2. Instead I have 4 CVs and 2 LBA. As such, Mike puts on a massive 2-area attack. The knock-out is a real possibility, and I sacrifice 2 CVs to save Hawaii. I also attempt to save Attu and Dutch Harbor; but a pure night action allows Sasebo to take DH, and I subsequently only barely manage to save Attu. Three Japanese carriers are sunk of the six shot at (with average luck, it should have been 4), and I was hoping for 5.

Turn 3: Another USN CV bites the dust. With my fleet a wreck and Mike's fleet intact, my only hope is to preserve bases for my LBA. As Mike continues to win all the day/night preference rolls, I fail in my attempts to save Samoa and Attu. My attempt to recapture Dutch Harbor also fails. I decontrol CPO which gives me some room to operate next turn.

Turn 4: With the Royal Navy having been given the flag in Indo for free on turn 3, a night action there would allow my marine to slip into the Philippines. But again, it's day and Mike's 3 LBA hone in on my marine unit. The first 8 dice result in 2 hits for 3 damage. His ninth and final die results in a disable. Argh! My fleet from Pearl had raided into the Marianas and was awaiting to base at Manila; but alas, this was not to be. Meanwhile, Yokosuka and Sasebo easily dodge my aircraft and both land on Guadalcanal. Mike has now set up the "Full Day"; which is like the "Full Applebaum" but with New Hebrides and Samoa substituted for Johnston and Pearl. POC maxed out.

Turn 5: I sacrifice the British fleet in an attempt get some attrition against Mike's fleet and weaken his defensive line around Hawaii. As Mike lays waste to the Brits, my return fire sinks absolutely nothing. I assault his weakened defensive line in CPO. Only a single LBA, 2CVs and 2 CAs are stationed there. Night against the flag is too much to ask for; but during the daytime, I score 2 hits against this LBA - but only get 3 damage - argh!! I do manage to slip a marine unit into Dutch Harbor.

Turn 6: Two massive fleets collide in CPO. The Japs win the battle, hold Midway, and keep the flag. Japan is kept safe for turn 7. Kaga stops my marine from taking Kwajelein; but I do flag the Marshalls. POC stays at 29.

Turn 7: With a huge lead, Mike plays turn 7 conservatively. An overwhelming mass in Indo, a Japanese Islands free from assault, and no way for me to patrol the Marianas means the most I can do is pick up 6 POC. Mike sends out raiding carriers to stop my maines in CPO and SPO. Midway is saved; but with my first bit of good luck the whole game, my marines capture Lae. POC at 23.

Turn 8: I need all 17 POC for a 0.5 POC win. A very tall order. Round 1 in Japan goes my way as Mike shoots poorly and I knock out 3 of his 6 LBA and a few other ships. Round 2 is day-followed-by-night. Mike has a huge surface lap, I use the day half to try and reduce this; but I shoot poorly. I now only have 2 patrolling ships left. The ensuing rounds go Mike's way as I can't hit his LBA and he takes out all my patrollers and carriers. The six POC swing gives Mike a 5.5 POC victory.

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