* * 2007-2009 BPA Single-Elim * *
* * First Round * *
Tim Tow (IJN; Bid 4) vs. Greg Smith (USN)

The I-Boat Raid, CPO Withdrawal, and West Coast Bases adjustments are in play.

Turn 1

IJN Comments

The Japanese send the Hosho to Indonesia and the rest of the carriers to Hawaii. The Japanese have a good Pearl and surprise round, sinking both cruisers and 5 battleships. The damaged California and Maryland join the crippled Oklahoma and 7th AF in escaping from Pearl Harbor.

Groups X and Y  show up in Hawaii and take their automatic withdrawal. Though Group Z shows up in the CPO, it withdraws in face of Japanese surface superiority. In Indonesia, a damaged Prince of Wales and 5th AF survive the surprise rounds. The first round in Indonesia is a day/night and the Japanese take no casualties as The I-boat sinks the Hermes.

With those 2 uncrippled battleships, the US will have a good opportunity to deflect a Japanese two area attack


Turn 2

IJN Comments

The IJN patrols are fairly standard and allow the Japanese to redirect their raiders toward the most inviting location. Although the bulk of IJN carriers are going to Pearl, thereís no need to patrol them and telegraph their move this early.

With two LBA in the US Mandate and no threat of a Marshalls block, the IJN decide to try and convert bases and make it costly for the US to contest those conversions.

Turn 2 Deploy

USN Comments

I know the Allies should send at least 1 or 2 cruisers to the Marshalls to threaten a control block.  It was your 5-5-4 that scared me off into the SPO.  I must have been thinking I could spread you out more, or I must not have been thinking.  I do remember thinking that a player as good as you would probably find a way to deal with the block even if I got it.  You are right that the ships in the Coral Sea probably should have gone to US Mandate instead because you had more Japanese cruisers I could have shot at there.

Turn 2 End

IJN Comments

We both sink a carrier each in the Aleutians. The Japanese cripple the Yorktown and the Americans only disable the Shoho. More troubling is the 6 IJN cruisers that go down vs. the 3 Allied/US cruisers.

Turn 3

Turn 3 deploy

IJN Comments

I thought a little ahead of myself looking to try for a TKO in 4 and left my Pearl force a little weak. The ensuing night action allowed the USN to save Pearl but at the cost of 2 more carriers and  loss of many cruisers allowing the IJN balance last turnís surface attrition.

USN Comments

I definitely put out too many useless patrollers.  Those sunk results really hurt later.  I should have sent only 1 patroller to the Marshalls and had only 1 CA in the US Mandate.  I was just trying to spread you out and maybe steal an easy PoC.  But your good shooting made me pay a high price for that strategy.

Turn 4

Turn 4 Deploy

Post-battle Comments

IJN Comments

The IJN get lucky when the damaged Yorktown fails it speed roll to Japan and the I-boat takes out the Lexington. I had left the damaged light carrier in Japan repairing. I still attempted to threaten control of both USM and Hawaii, but ultimately decided that capturing Samoa would not be as strategic as locking up the perimeter.

Turn 5


Turn 5 Deploy

IJN Comments

The Japanese send two carriers to the North Pacific and fail to sink either Marine, allowing one to recapture Dutch Harbor. With a slight carrier superiority, the Japanese are able to hold CPO with a relatively light force. SOPAC and Indo were defended lightly and the Allies took the bait by going after the two raiding carriers in the NOPAC.


Turn 5 End

Turn 6


Turn 6 Deploy

 Post battle

Turn 6 End

IJN Comments:

On turn 6, without Allied patrollers in the SOPAC and Marshalls, the IJN saw that they had a chance of a mathematical lock before turn 8. A carrier and a LBA managed finally to stop the US Marines in the Marshalls, denying the US a chance to control the Marianas next turn. 

USN Comments:

I realize now that it was a glaring error to not patrol more in turn 6 (SOPAC and Marshalls). I was too cautious of losing any hulls because the IJN had attrited so many of my CAs.  In hind sight I realize I could have sunk anything that you put in to sink me.  I think at the time I was still thinking of challenging you in the CPO.  That would have been dumb.  Of course a few good dice rolls would have made it worth it.

Turn 7


 IJN Comments

The threat from Dutch Harbor forces the IJN to send a potentially fatal diversion to Japan away from the big Indonesia battle.  The Japan battle was very close as the Allies sent the F-boat and got a day/night for round 1 allowing them to fire on the LBA, which took 1 hit for 3 damage and survived.

In Indonesia, the Japanese got a first round night , removing several of the US big carriers. The 2nd round day resulted in downing of all but 1 US CV. The Japanese then hold the Allied gain to only 6 POC reducing the score to +22 IJN before the bid.

USN Comments

On turn 7, to force your hand, I should have patrolled the US cruisers in Japan and based another Cvl there. I still may not have won, but you might have weakened Indonesia just enough.


USN Comments

I think the IJN won the game by winning the CS in turn 4.  I should have paid more attention to the 4 POC swing from losing control there and put another LBA there.

As you said, fighting to save Pearl on turn 3 was risky and in this game, the US fleet got heavily attrited in the battle, but it ended the IJN chance of a TKO.  Having 2 carriers survive was lucky. The Yorktown was pretty lucky throughout the game.  Hit twice, repaired in Australia in turn 4.  And you were lucky when one of my Cvs failed itís speed roll into Japan and the IBoat got the other. Those CVs could have taken 3 PoC away from you and sunk the Ryujo in the repair docks.

We both had some good luck stopping each otherís marines several times.

My only thoughts of your play is to repeat what you already said about being a little weak in Hawaii on turn 3, which gave me the chance of saving Hawaii.  You made it too tempting and then I got the Night Action against the flag on the preference rolls.  You did a great job of getting Night actions against me and sinking my Cas once your air cover was gone.  I was unlucky with my LBA even when I got Day actions.

IJN Comments

Fighting to save Pearl on turn 3 is risky and in this game, the US fleet got heavily attrited in the battle. Having 2 carriers survive was good though as it kept the pressure on the Japanese. The Yorktown was pretty lucky throughout the game being hit three times and not getting sunk. The heavy surface attrition though made it hard for the US to patrol effectively and then ultimately not being able to outnumber the Japanese in ensuing surface actions.

If the Japanese fail to take Pearl, they need to keep the score high and then also positively attrit the US fleet as much as possible. After failing to take Pearl, I was trying to draw you into attrition battles. You avoided most of them nicely. You also had some good luck when I failed to sink or stop your marines several times.

The only real glaring USN error was the lack of turn 6 patrols in the SOPAC and Marshalls. Of course it's in hindsight, good dice rolls would have made a difference.

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