* * 2005-2007 BPA Single-Elim * *
* * Semi-Final * *
Ed Paule (IJN; Bid 5.5) vs. Larry Meyers (USN)

The I-Boat Raid and CPO Withdrawal adjustments are in play.

Turn 2
Turn 4
Turn 6

Turn 2

IJN Report: Larry and I have finished turn 2 of our Single Elim match.

The Japanese succeeded in capturing Singapore, Philippines, Lae, Midway, Attu, Dutch Harbor and Johnston Atoll.  Seven for seven, nice.

In other words, the USN went for the block and failed.

IJN are at +17 POC.

Turn 4

IJN Report: Larry and I have finished turn 4 of our Single Elim match.
IJN have maxed out the POC at 29.
Full Applebaum is in effect.
USN still has 4 CVs though.

Turn 6

USN Surrender: I concede…you can hold 11 POC from me next turn…Indo, Japanese Islands and Aleutians…5.5 from 23 is 17.5…so unless I add the War at Sea board…it’s for sure…J

Nice game…looking back, I really needed the block on turn 2 (or at least sink the marine in HI would have prevented the spreading of IJN carriers everywhere on the board…at least it seemed that way to me on turn 3…J) or to win the SPO day/night roll on turn 6 (the latter was problematic…would give me a chance, that’s all…I actually would have reduced you one POC for the turn, but game still would have been in your favor).  Anyway, “loved” watching your positional defense plays…very nicely done…good luck in the last round…

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