Victory in the Pacific

VITP Terminology
by John R. Pack
(The most recent addition was made on March 19th, 2018.)

In order to understand game write-ups and Consimworld postings better and allow accurate usage of common terms, I present these definitions for your enjoyment.  Additional submissions are welcome.

Allied Home Areas The Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. Mandate, and the Coral Sea the core of the Allied PoC.

Andy-squarED -- The nickname of the three players (Andy Gardner, Ed Menzel, and Ed Paule) who have dominated AREA rankings, the King-of-the-Hill Ladder, and the Top 10 Invitational since 2012!

Berserker (or Tuxedo Attack) An IJN strategy that attacks every (or nearly every) area on the board with a small, mixed task force with the intention of getting the Allies to bite off more than they can chew and causing massive attrition.

Bonus Babies The 5-shot USN battleships with the gunnery bonus which the Allies receive as reinforcements.

British Blowout  An IJN tactic (usually on Turns 4-6) where lots of fast carriers, cruisers, and battlecruisers (436s) are held for raiding.  If the Eastern perimeter doesn't require them for defense, they raid the Bay of Bengal.  When IJN LBA in Indonesia force the British to retreat to Ceylon, the Bay of Bengal raiders destroy the patrollers there and then conduct air raids designed to eliminate the British from the game entirely.

Devil, The When the IJN enters the final turn with 666 -- that is, 6 LBA, 6 Bonus CV, and 6 Turn 7/8 CV.

Double Dare The tactic of offering a superior opponent a huge aircraft carrier advantage in an area where one has a huge surface lap (See Lap) -- and the flag to maximize the chance of a night action.  This concentrates one's entire disadvantage in a single day/night roll.  Meanwhile, one's carriers pile into another area with a flag and dare the opponent to counter with a surface fleet.

Emperor's Track Squad The six 1+18 cruisers which are often used to patrol areas that may or may not get raider support.  The IJN relies on their superior speed to extract them from unsupported situations.

Exeter Exit The first turn use of the Exeter to raid the Japanese Islands or Marianas Islands by itself.  The Exeter will almost certainly be killed, but there's a chance it will take a Japanese cruiser with it.  This can be useful against IJN opponents who will never put a Japanese ship in Indonesia (preferring instead to garrison it with LBA) such that this is the only way to use that British gunnery.

Flag Defense Using a combination of one cruiser or battleship and one carrier to defend an area with a friendly flag.  The high probability of day action threatens the opponent with loss of a carrier if he chooses to attack.  It's a proven technique for trimming down the size of the USN carrier fleet!

Free Soda The Midwest Open practice of offering soda and then snacks to all participants at no charge (or a nickel) and making a hefty profit anyway.  Participants frequently put $5, $10, or $20 in the donation jar to cover whatever they drink over the weekend.

Full Applebaum An IJN perimeter stretching from the Hawaiians to Indonesia including control of all the bases along and behind those areas.

Full Court Press (or Three-Area Attack) An IJN strategy which launches a strong attack into each of the Allied Home Areas with the intent to heavily attrition Allied forces and also convert one major port.

Hot Seas The deliberate flagging of an area surrounding an enemy base or port to create the threat of conversion on the next turn. The intent is not so much to actually convert the port or base, but to force the enemy to allocate heavy resources to its defense on the following turn. Primarily an Allied strategy.

Knock Out (K.O.) An IJN win by virtue of capturing both Pearl Harbor and Samoa.

Lap When one side has enough surface ships to attack the aircraft carriers of the other side (e.g., a USN lap of five means that five USN ships can shoot at IJN CV or NLF in a night action).

Marshalls Block Putting an Allied flag in the Marshall Islands on Turn 2 while denying the IJN possession of Johnston Island thereby denying the Japanese the ability to patrol the Hawaiians on Turn 3 (except with ships based in Midway or Dutch Harbor).

Meat Grinder An Allied victory that leaves so little air cover (e.g., one 24* LBA) that the IJN surface fleet is not intimidated and remains to savage the Allied surface fleet entirely before withdrawing.

Naked Pursuit The act of having an aircraft carrier pursue without surface escort.

Pack's Theorem If a plan can be foiled by dice, it will be.

Pearl Emphasis (or One-Area Attack) An IJN strategy revolving around the capture of Pearl Harbor and minor (if any) attacks in other Allied Home Areas.

Petroski Special A copy of VITP that has been worn out through so many playings that all ships' numbers are barely recognizable while the ships' names are completely gone.  The major color of the game map is white!  The Turn Nine reinforcements are still in mint condition, however.  At least two such copies will be present at every Midwest Open.

Petroski Swiss A tournament format that pairs the top two players, the next two players, and so on by points each round in which only defeated opponents add to your points each round.  Currently used at the Midwest Open, and previously used at the World Boardgaming Championships.

PoC Raiding An IJN tactic where fast ships are held for raiding and used, typically one carrier and one battleship in combination, to knock off lone Allied patrollers in the last turns of the game.  This is also a useful tactic for opening holes in the enemy line to expose rear areas the following turn.

Ringing the Bell When the IJN hits the 29 PoC maximum.

Scratch 'n' Sink Carriers The Shoho and Zuiho (005+2 CVLs) which go down with the slightest scratch.  That doesn't mean they're not critical, don't sometimes lead charmed lives, or can't take the Lexington down with them!

Six Pack The six LBA the USN usually has available for port conversion defense on Turn Three.

Singapore Sling The common USN practice of sending disabled and withdrawing ships to Singapore during Turn Two so that they can re-base when Singapore flips to IJN control, allowing those ships to base in ports that that might have been subject to air raids earlier in the turn.  Basing in a port or base that will change hands during the turn is one way to delay basing until more information is available.  It's also a terrific way of basing in the Philippines or Lae on Turn Two should those bases remain friendly!

Submarine-proofing Patrolling an otherwise protected area (i.e., one surrounded by friendly flags) with 2 cruisers to keep a submarine from torpedoing a few PoC!

Swing The total PoC available in an area (e.g., Japanese Islands: 6 [3 IJN + 3 USN]; Marianas: 3 [2 IJN + 1 USN]). Useful for calculating endgame PoC strategies particularly for the IJN as they seek to determine how many total PoC they need to earn or deny the USN in order to retain their lead.

Technical Knock Out (T.K.O.) An IJN win resulting from the damage sustained by the Allied fleets in their attempt to avert a Knock Out.  Also refers to a USN win by virtue of retaining ownership of Singapore on Turn 2 (or regaining it on Turn 4 or 5).

T.K.O. Strategy An IJN strategy coined by Alan Moon that attacks the Hawaiian Islands and the weaker of the other two Allied Home Areas to threaten port conversion or major attrition of the Allied fleet.

Two-Prong Assault An IJN strategy directed at the Hawaiian Islands and U.S. Mandate intended to result in a Knock Out or Technical Knock Out.

VITP Groups & Organizations

Boys in the Band The group of California gamers that attends the annual Midwest Open and runs the Southern California VITP Invitational each year.  The group gets is name from a World War II era musical group that originated in California.

Chicago Mob (aka Windy City Wargamers) The group from Chicago that attends the annual Midwest Open.  The name derives from the Prohibition-era gangsters that dominated Chicago.

First Minnesota The Minneapolis/St. Paul twin cities gaming club that travels to the Midwest Open each year and is known for its emphasis on Victory in the Pacific.  They form the core of the World Boardgaming Championships team, St. Paul's Rejects.

Iowa Class The informal group that originates from Iowa and faithfully attends the Midwest Open each year.  The group is known for favoring the USN and its frequent receipt of the Halsey Award for best Allied play.  The group gets its name from the last class of USN battleships, the first of which was the USS Iowa.  The USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, and USS Missouri are the other members of this class.  Two other ships in this class were laid down but never completed, the USS Kentucky and the USS Illinois (although the front end of the Kentucky was used to repair the Missouri).

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