Victory in the Pacific

A Normal Turn One Revised (NT1B)
by James Eliason, John R. Pack, and Alan Mulroy

This is a modification of the original NT1 variant.  The units which were fixed in place in Indonesia are now allowed to move (with some restrictions).  The hope is that additional pressure on the Japanese forces will result in a more historical first turn.  It is hoped, after much playtesting, that this will replace the original NT1.

Those who play this variant should take note of the following considerations compared to the original NT1:

  1. All Allied ports and bases are subject to air raids during IJN raider movement (except Johnston Island)
  2. All IJN units have the attack bonus against Prince of Wales, Repulse, and 5th AF during the first combat round
  3. The Yokosuka NLF starts in Saigon and, if it leaves port, cannot move anywhere except Indonesia
  4. The Allied surface raiding potential in the western Pacific is much higher

Give it a try and see what you think!  Let us know what you think after you've played it!  Check out play-testers experience by following the links from the detail of each quick round game!

Normal Turn One Revised (NT1B)

Allied Starting Forces

Philippines: 117 Houston, 24* 5th A.F.

Singapore: 456 Prince of Wales, 336 Repulse, 117 Exeter, 117 De Ruyter

Pearl Harbor: 553 West Virginia, 553 Maryland, 453 Tennessee, 453 California, 443 Nevada, 443 Arizona, 443 Oklahoma, 443 Pennsylvania, 117 New Orleans, 117 San Francisco, 24* 7th A.F.

Johnston Island: 117 Salt Lake City, 117 Northampton, 117 Chester, 117 Chicago, 117 Portland, 117 Astoria, 117 Indianapolis, 117 Minneapolis, 137+4 Lexington, 027+4 Enterprise

Samoa: 117 Pensacola, 117 Louisville

Australia: 117 Australia, 117 Canberra

Ceylon: 443 Revenge, 1241 Hermes

Arrive with Turn 2 Reinforcements at Pearl Harbor: 117 Vincennes, 117 Quincy, 137+4 Saratoga, 027+4 Hornet, 027+4 Yorktown

Changes to Japanese Starting Setup

Saigon: 033 Yokosuka

18. The Surprise Attack

On the first turn, play is altered slightly to reflect the effects of the Japanese surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor and throughout Southeast Asia. Movement and combat are executed in sequence normally with the following exceptions:

18.1 Movement Exceptions

18.11 The Prince of Wales and Repulse may not be placed in the Bay of Bengal or Indian Ocean.

18.12 The 5th Air Force must be placed in either the Marianas Islands or Indonesia.

18.13 The 7th Air Force may not be placed during normal LBA placement.  Instead, the 7th AF is placed during the raiding phase and may only be placed in the Hawaiian Islands if it leaves Pearl Harbor.

18.14 Japanese ships with speed 5 may automatically move to the Hawaiian Islands during the raiding phase.

18.15 Ships based at Pearl Harbor are raiders and may not move until the raiding phase.  During raider deployment, undamaged ships from Pearl Harbor may freely leave the Hawaiian Islands.  Damaged ships from Pearl Harbor may only move to the Hawaiian Islands.

18.16 USN raiding ships may not attempt to move into a third sea area (moves which would normally require a speed roll).

18.2 Sequence of Play Exceptions

18.21 Immediately following Japanese raider movement, Japanese aircraft carriers may conduct air raids (two rounds) against Allied ports and bases (excluding Johnston Island) where there are Allied units.

18.22 Pearl Harbor Aftermath

18.221 The 7th Air Force may attack during any round except the first round of the Pearl Harbor air raid.

18.222 After the Pearl Harbor raid, the Japanese may retreat from the Hawaiian Islands or stay for combat. If they retreat now, they cannot be pursued.

18.223 If the Japanese stay, each IJN carrier must immediately designate a target in the event that the first combat round is a day action. Targets may include units raiding, in Pearl Harbor, or in the Hawaiian Islands. If, during the first combat round, the assigned target is unavailable (i.e., not in Pearl Harbor nor engaged in combat in the Hawaiian Islands), the carrier loses its attack for the first combat round. If the first combat round is a night action, these target designations are ignored.

18.23 At the completion of all air raids, the normal sequence of player resumes with the Allied player moving his raiders.

18.3 Combat Exceptions

18.31 Any attack against the 5th Air Force, Prince of Wales, or Repulse during the first combat round (not including air raids) is entitled to the attack bonus.

18.32 Hawaiian Island Combat

18.321 At the beginning of the first round of combat in the Hawaiian Islands, Allied forces may refuse to engage Japanese forces.  If so, Japanese units may not attack Allied units in the Hawaiian Islands and vice versa for the remainder of the turn (Exception: The I-Boat may still attack any ship in the area which was based at Pearl Harbor).

18.322 Japanese forces may remain in the Hawaiian Islands for a maximum of two rounds of combat. Within the limitations of 18.223, they may target engaged Allied units (18.321) and, during day actions, units in Pearl Harbor.  After two rounds of combat, the IJN must withdraw.  Engaged Allied units may pursue.

18.323 Japanese ships may not pursue Allied forces which retreat from the Hawaiian Islands.

18.4 Basing Exceptions

18.41 During basing, the Allied player may pay POC (i.e., increase the IJN lead) to earn the right to freely base any ship slated to arrive with Turn Two reinforcements.  These ships may be based at any Allied port or base that could be selected by a ship in any area under Allied control.  The first ship selected costs 1 POC; the second, 2 POC; the third, 3 POC; and so on.

Questions & Clarifications

Turn 1 Sequence of Play

1. IJN Patrols
2. USN Patrols
3. First IJN LBA
4. 5th Air Force
5. Remaining IJN LBA
6. IJN Amphibious Unit (Allies have no Marines)
7. IJN Raiders

  • Air Raids (See 18.21)
  • Japanese decision to retreat or stay in Hawaiian Islands
  • Japanese target selection for First Regular Combat Round in Hawaiians

8. USN Raiders
9. IJN I-Boat Placement
10. Regular Combat

  • USN decision to engage or not (see 18.321) precedes the day/night roll in the Hawaiians
  • A day/night roll for the Hawaiians is made even if the USN does not engage
  • Bonus applies to first round attacks on Repulse, Prince of Wales, and the 5th Air Force

11. Flags & PoC
12. IJN Basing
13. USN Basing - Increase IJN lead for each ship from Turn Two Reinforcements based freely

Q18.221-1 [3/03] If the 7th AF shoots back and rolls a 5 is the target ship disabled?
A. Yes.

Q18.221-2 [3/05] Can the 7th A.F. be left in Pearl Harbor instead of placing it in the Hawaiian Islands?  And, if so, can it continue to return fire after each daylight round during regular combat?
A. Yes.  Yes.  Of course, any unit left in Pearl Harbor is subject to possible additional attacks during each combat round even if the Allied forces in the Hawaiian Islands elect not to engage the enemy.

Q18.41-1 [6/05] Can the US base a Turn Two reinforcement it has paid POC for in New Hebrides?
A. Yes, provided it controls either the Coral Sea or U.S. Mandate.

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