Tournament Player Chit

Before the Heat Begins

As you arrive at the tournament site, grab a Tournament Player Chit (shown above) and fill out the top section entirely (your name, WBC Badge Number, whether you wish to play with the squirt gun or serve as a coach).  If this is the first heat you've played in this year, also fill out the second section (including your mob nickname [pick up a badge if you don't have one yet], postal address, email address, phone number, and how many games of Gangsters you've played [guess if you need to]). This information is required by A.R.E.A. as part of the rating system and also ensures that you receive the newsletter each year.  Players who have played Gangsters one or zero times before are eligible for the "Junior Godfather" Award!

Do not fill out anything else at this point!

The GM will verify your name and badge number as you present your chit at the start of the round to sign in. You should present yourself and your badge as soon as you've filled in the player chit.  At that point, you'll be assigned a table and gang.  The chit will be used to pair you with players who wish to use the same optional rules!

At the Start of Play

As you purchase joints during setup, write the name of each building purchased on the "Game Setup" portion of the chit (the third section) in order (1st for the first joint purchased, etc.). Indicate what amount, if any, of your $1,100 in cash for buying joints is left over.

Once everyone has purchased joints, indicate the number of Gangsters purchased of each type (aka level or strength; maximum of 1 Vamp). Also indicate the total amount of cash you start with.

Once all gang purchases are declared, secretly draw a line from each Gangster type to the joint where that piece will start play. When all players have finished their secret placement, reveal your selections and place your pieces -- now let the game begin and the lead start to fly!

During the Game

Each time you lose anything in a raid or shootout (joint level or strength point), you can mark a "Hit?" square on the front of the chit (mark from the left). If you get the most in a single game, you win the "Roadkill" Award!

Every time one of your Gangsters is seduced by an opposing vamp, you can mark a "Vamped?" square on the front of the chit (mark squares from the left). If you get the most in a single game, you win the "I think She likes Me" Award!

Every game you play is a chance to "win."

If you overhear a funny remark or observe some act of good sportsmanship or just wish to make some comment to the GM about your game, write it in the top section on the back of the player chit!  These comments make the post-tournament newsletter fun and interesting, and they're the basis of choosing our sportsmanship winner!

At the End of the Game

Strategy Section: On the back of the chit indicate what strategy you were using. You have much better chances if you decide at the beginning of the game (even if you later change). Also indicate how many joints you own and, under the monopoly label, the largest number of a single color joint you own (e.g., "4 of Brown" or "3 of Purple").

Final Assets Section: Indicate your final cash total, the value of the joints including improvements (e.g., a Level 3 Red Joint is worth $1,800), and the value of your gang (e.g., 10 Racketeers is worth $5,500) together with the total.

Final Gang Section: Indicate the number of surviving gang members you have!

Even if you didn't win, this information determines your tie-breakers to qualify for the second round (semi-finals)!  In fact, it also determines who won for games that don't finish.

At this point, fill in the spot for the "Number of New Opponents." This is the number of people in your game with whom you have never played an AREA-rated game of Gangsters before (use your best guess if uncertain).  If you're new to Gangsters, this is ALL of your opponents!

The winner of the game should then collect and turn in all of the chits. The GM will fill out the remainder of the chit (including game number and tie-breaker information) and record the winner. The GM will also report all of the statistics collected in the follow-up edition of Raidin' da Joint and on this website! Thank you for your help!

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