1999 World Championship Yearbook

Fifty-one thugs, mobsters, and assorted crime lords (including five of the six previous Godfathers) made this Gangsters World Championship the biggest, bloodiest, hardest fought, and most lawless ever -- with twenty-eight total grudge matches! More thugs took a literal hit as the optional squirt gun was selected in a record number of duels!

Perennial competitor DeeAnn Gehring lost seven gangsters in a single match to collect the Roadkill award. Pitt "Sluggo" Crandlemire came close -- losing six gangsters in two separate games (one of which was the final)!

Rob "Moneybags" Kilroy, the 1999 Junior Godfather, stunned his semi-final competition by collecting back-to-back payments of $3,900 and $5,700 to win the match in four turns -- scoring the largest payoff ever recorded.

The final match for control of Chicago pitted "The Stephmeister" (1998 Godfather Stephanie Mayes), "Sluggo" (1998 Junior Godfather Pitt Crandlemire), "Mr. Nice Guy" (Jim Rochford), and "Moneybags" (Rob Kilroy) in an open arena of criminal warfare!

Mr. Nice Guy started by purchasing Brzkowski's Imports, Huff's Café, and the Hotel Belgrave and a gang of 5 Racketeers, 2 Thugs, and a Vamp. Sluggo purchased Greenwood Park, the Franklin Hostel, and Lou's Diner with 6 Racketeers, a Thug and Vamp. Sluggo checked what color he was playing. The Stephmeister purchased the Ambassadors' Club, Brandon's Bikeshop, and the Belmar Theatre with 5 Racketeers, a Thug and Vamp. Moneybags started with the Pussycat Club, CK's Tobacco, and Myrtle's Massage Parlor and the same gang makeup as Mr. Nice Guy.

Vicious play started on the first two moves as vamps working for Mr. Nice Guy and Sluggo seduced opponents. Next move Mr. Nice Guy's Racketeer and Thug took out The Stephmeister's joint while Cops he'd paid off arrested Sluggo's Vamp, and the Vamp in his own employ seduced one of the Stephmeister's Racketeers. At this point, Sluggo asked, "What color am I?" and the whole group told public patrons, "there's nothing going on -- in the Ambassadors' Club!"

Trying to strike an alliance, the Stephmeister passed up the opportunity to knock off Sluggo's Thug. Sluggo rewarded her by taking out the Stephmeister's Thug on the very next roll. "Roadkill" Gehring, the mother of the Godfather said, "write 'Steph was stupid.'" Cop #9, in the Stephmeister's employ, got a small measure of revenge by hitting Moneybags' 5 Racketeer -- once. Moneybags pointed out that she could've also hit the Brown Vamp; he was surprised to learn that the Stephmeister was playing Brown.

Sluggo's Vamp helped out by seducing Moneybags' Racketeer whereupon Moneybags said, "Hey, baby, you like this joint? I'll buy it for ya..." He proceeded to purchase the Cavalry Club on his next turn.

However, when all was said and done, Sluggo's sneak-up-the-cash-total strategy won the title. But he had to verify which color he was playing? The other three criminal masterminds were all 70-71% complete with their objective. The Stephmeister took second with 71% of the needed cash (switching places with Pitt from their 1998 finish). Moneybags claimed third by edging Mr. Nice Guy (both with seven joints) with, what else, a lot more cash. Nice Guys finished last, of course, in Cement Overshoes!

Five criminal masterminds were nominated for the coveted "Cement Overshoes" sportsmanship award -- Godfather Pitt "Sluggo" Crandlemire, Jim "Mr. Nice Guy" Rochford, Mark Boone, DeeAnn "Roadkill" Gehring, and Fred Gosnell. Please thank each of these players for making our tournament of thugs more enjoyable for everyone! The winner was Jim "Mr. Nice Guy" Rochford -- who helped novices learn the game, volunteered to play to make the field more manageable, and paid twice for a purchase in one game just to make sure. Enjoy those overshoes at the bottom of Lake Michigan!

Join the mob next year and vie for the Millennial Godfather title!

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