1998 World Championship Yearbook

Godfather wanna-bes are all over Chicago, kid. What makes youse t'ink ya got da stuff, eh? Sure, yer boys got heat'ahs and ya got a nice set o' wheels, but it takes more 'n'at.

Got yer eyes on a dame? What makes ya think she ain't workin' ya over for da Stephmeister and taken' ya for a patsy? She's got the dames all over workin' for 'er -- heard two of yer boys signed up with 'er this mornin' over't Wyler's! Hear she's been puttin' on da cement overshoes too!

An' while youse think the Chophouse is real high class, Don Wagner has got sweet operations in back rooms at da Astoria, Caravan, 'n Hawthorne. An' those joints 're hoppin' 'n' bringin' in the dough! Don't see no one here 'cept a cheap floozie an' a drunk! I'm tellin' ya, if ya don't rat 'im out to the coppers soon he'll control every nice place in dis city!

Boss Pack ain't no pushover neither -- I here he's hired a band a' thugs that's shootin' up anything that moves all over southside. Even the boys in blue are stayin' away. 'Course, knowin' 'im they're all takin' his orders by now anyhow. If that weren't bad enough, there's rumors 'e's piling up the semolians faster than hot lead flies! He'll be buyin' this operation from under ya if youse don't show yer stuff now!


Time's up! Remember only 2 minutes to make your move -- even if your plan for mob rule is collapsing around you. Basic rules apply unless all agree. Try your gun in all four heats! Come an hour early for a strategy and rules session! Beginners get some extra move time too!

Congratulations to 1998 Junior Godfather Pitt Crandlemire, "I think she likes me!" Mark Hunter for attracting vamps, and Kevin LeRow for being the only mobster to beat the Stephmeister (our champion who also won the coveted "Cement Overshoes" for good sportsmanship in her 6 games)! Look for the "Roadkill" award this year!

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