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Read the full 2010 Tournament Write-up by clicking here.

In just a few days the quiet streets of Chicago will erupt with the staccato of Chicago Typewriters and run with water as gangs open fire.  It'll all happen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from August 1st through August 5th as part of the annual Gangsters World Championship.  Get yer squirt gun loaded now!

Ma Takes Control
2011 Tournament Theme

Rolinda "Ma" Collinson who ran the whole shootin' match in 2009 will once again assume the reigns as GM.  You can expect the whole Collinson gang to help out.  Look for  "Angel", "Red Rose," and well-attired sons, "Maverick" and "Eyes."  Maybe youz'll get lucky and make a rare sighting of "Razor"!

Other changes for 2011 include the following:

I'll be helping out by sending Ma player chits, prizes, timers, table flags, beginner demo aids, and name tags for all the players who were new last year (or didn't pick theirs up).  I'll also help out afterward by doing the write-up, statistics, and website.  I'll be back next year with some really awesome additions to the tournament (but they're staying Top Secret for now).

Keep your eyes peeled on this page too -- in about 1.5 weeks I'll debut the Gangsters training video which Ma will use at the convention to turn Gangsters into a Class C event.  I'll also be adding a lot of material to the "link" page.

Ma will see youz in just over two weeks...  Have an awesome tournament and world championships!


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