2015 Schedule

The final schedule for 2015 is:

Beginner Sessions





8:00 PM

August 3rd

Terrace 7


9:00 PM

August 4th

Terrace 7


11:00 AM

August 5th

Terrace 7

Scheduled Open Gaming






August 4th

Terrace 3



1) Monday

10:00 PM

August 3rd


2) Thursday

11:00 PM

August 6th


3) Saturday

2:00 PM

August 8th


2nd Round (Semi-Final)



5:00 PM

August 8th


3rd Round (Final)



8:00 PM

August 8th


In response to the stated shortage of events Saturday afternoon, Gangsters will move the last heat into this timeframe -- and follow it with earlier semi-finals than usual.  This way even finalists will be done in time for Slapshot.  The biggest change, however, is that the Tuesday heat has been dropped in exchange for Scheduled Open Gaming at 10 am that day.  Everyone who'd like to play should show up and bring a copy of the game while there are no formal events going on -- we'll spill over into the exhibit hall across the way if needed!  Look for the kiosk!

If a fourth round is necessary (see Format) the final will be held at the convenience of the finalists and GM (or on Sunday at 11 am if no other option can be agreed upon). Note: A fourth round has not been necessary since the introduction of the five-player game into tournament play!

Beginner Instruction Sessions

The other really big change is that, instead of relying on video training at each heat, we'll have live instructors for three different demo sessions (plus rules taught at the Scheduled Open Gaming slot).  Catch any one of them to learn the game -- or bring your friends who don't know how to play yet!

The training video is still available, however -- should anyone want to learn how to play ahead of the WBC (or on a mobile device at any time).  Learn the whole game in just 22 minutes with lots of example play!

Flexible Second Round

Winners may play a second round game (semi- or quarter-final) at any scheduled heat time by notifying the GM! Five qualified players must be available. As a result, it is possible to play in the semi-final round more than once (as many players, including myself, have done in previous years). This is a scheduling and a competitive advantage to players who play in the early heats! Make the most of it.


Game length is two and three-quarters hours even though the program shows three. To facilitate that, each heat will be run on the following timetable:



GM arrives and sets up; players may assist or review changes.
The GM arrives 30 minutes before the demo.


Registration begins.  Players with copies of the game set up.
Experienced players are seated at tables immediately and may
begin as soon as there are four players in their game!


Official Start Time


Registration closes; GM completes all table assignments.


All experienced division games have begun


Rules and training sessions end.


All novice division games have begun


30-minute warning


15-minute warning; every player plays at least one more time
and then until every player has taken the same number of turns


Games are complete; winners turn in all player chits.


GM cleans up and departs


GM posts results on kiosk (or by 11 am the next morning for
night heats)

Times are based on the scheduled heat time (e.g., -0:15 means fifteen minutes prior to the heat's scheduled start; 0:07 means seven minutes after the heat's scheduled start). A clock with the official tournament time will be available at the kiosk. Those arriving after registration closes (0:05) will be allowed to play only if they can round up three additional players or will serve as coaches; such games will still be held to the 2:45 completion deadline.

The semi-final (and quarter-finals, if needed) will run on the same timetable (except without instruction or the rules video). No second round game will be allowed to run longer.  The final will be allowed to run to completion regardless of length (unless a majority of finalists wish to limit the game to the standard timetable prior to the start of the game).

15-Minute Warning: At the 15-minute warning, players continue to play until every player has had one more turn and every player has had the same total number of turns.  At the moment of the warning, a turn is judged to have begun if the dice have been rolled.

Timers: The GM will provide timers for each game that doesn't have one. The use of a two-minute timer is mandatory.  Playing without a timer needlessly slows the game, consumes convention time, requires games to be scored using tie-breakers more often, and hurts players who adopt long-term strategies.  I've played in five-hour games of Gangsters when not using a timer.  The timer literally cuts playing time in half and quadruples the excitement level!

Announcement Sheet: To save time all changes for the year and other announcements will be posted on each table.

Gangsters® is a registered trademark of The Avalon Hill Game Company.