Gang Busters Quiz
Written by
Michael Anchors
Formatted and expanded by John Pack

  Test your knowledge of Gangsters rules, strategy, and trivia to see if you qualify as a Gang Buster! Answer each question and then check your answer to see how you do! Then return to continue the quiz by hitting the back option in your browser!

Question One

How many buildings on the Gangsters board can be reached by a Public piece (or Cop) on the initial turn of entry?

Answer One

Question Two

2A. The Southern Syndicate is getting fat. There are public pieces near all of their classy, upgraded joints. Your mob and the West Side Association both lack the heavy hitting power for a shootout with the Syndicate's mobsters or upgraded establishments. How can you break up the Syndicate's cozy Organized Crime scene without using up your allotment of moves?

2B. Assuming nothing changes, what's the likelihood the Southern Syndicate will get an Organized Crime payoff on their next move? What white die roll gives them their maximum payoff?

Answer Two

Question Three

The best way to make war on an opposing gang is to let the Cops do the dirty work for you. You've rolled a 6 on the blue die. Which Cop can do the most damage to Green's Criminal Thug at the Donut Emporium?

Answer Three

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