1999-2000 World PBEM Championship

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Finalist Introductions
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Each of our finalists is a well-known criminal mastermind in the shadowy circles of power at the World Boardgaming Championships. No doubt this contest for final control of the streets of Chicago will be one to remember! Let's meet each villian in the order they'll be moving:

Sluggo and Da Boyz 'n da Gang (Pitt Crandlemire)

Sluggo joined the mob at Avaloncon 1998 where he immediately began to swim with the sharks. He earned the coveted "Godfather Junior" award that year, placing second over-all in a field of 40! Sluggo returned to the World Boardgaming Championships in 1999 where his patented sneak-up-on-you cash strategy claimed the title in a field of 51 (relegating the former champion, "The Stephmeister," to second place). Sluggo is the defending World Champion!

In PBEM play, Sluggo has again employed a "sneak-up-on-you" approach as he claimed the final spot in this match-up by virtue of strength of schedule tie-breakers in a three way tie! Placing 3rd (by a mere $100), 2nd, and then 1st in his three preliminary matches, Sluggo is on a roll!

Ladykiller and GreenPiece (Mark Love)

Ladykiller has proved his heretofore-untempered-mettle during the PBEM tournament. In his first round match, Ladykiller won with the only Blue monopoly our GM has ever recorded! In the second round, he won with a cash strategy. In the third round game, a twenty-one turn affair (another record), Ladykiller ended in second place with nine joints (just one shy of a ten joint win). He's shown his versatility and flexibility by near-perfect play using all three methods of winning!

Mark earned his moniker, "Ladykiller," in his first Gangsters World Boardgaming Championship match by suffering a phenominal number of seductions -- taking him down to a lone Racketeer. The ladies really "love" Mark! Nowadays he trys to eliminate Vamps before they can put their moves on him! Ladykiller has also been one of the first players to use the diplomatic/trading rules to maximum benefit! Mark has lots of experience in WBC finals, as the Monsters Ravage America Gamemaster, and winning championships at other conventions, but this is his first chance at the Godfather title!

The Viper and Da Yella Dawgz (John Pack)

The Viper is certainly no stranger to the World Boardgaming Championships -- after all, he's the Gamemaster! The Viper's first Gangsters tournament at Avaloncon in 1995 brought home the Wood. The Viper is the only mobster to ever earn the Godfather title by owning 10 joints! Unable to defend his title in 1996 due to scheduling conflicts, he volunteered to be GM and has done so since 1997. The Viper also made it to the finals in 1997 where his fondest memory was losing 6 Racketeers in one fell swoop to Robocop (#10) to ensure his 4th place finish.

In PBEM play, The Viper placed 2nd (by $200), 1st, and 2nd. His proudest achievement is the development of the PBEM system, formation of this PBEM tournament, and taking the WBC Gangsters event from a faltering participation of 16 to 51 this past year! He hopes for a new record to start the millenium!

The Nose and the Southern Syndicate (Mike Anchors)

The Nose is best known for his development of one-jump joint openings (from the Pussycat Club strategy to the Ambassadors' Club Strategy to his favorite, the Downtown Bus Station Strategy) and the wonderful online Gang Busters Quiz. As a result, he is always in the hunt for the lead. The Nose has yet to win it all but has been to the Avaloncon finals three or four times. He lost the championship in 1997 to defending champion Jason Wagner by a mere $200! The Nose owns the semi-final speed record for finishing off his opponents in a mere 20 minutes! He has also served as an able Assistant Gamemaster for the PBEM and WBC tournaments.

In PBEM play, the Nose has made a serious case for his favorite strategy by winning all three of his preliminary games -- the only player with a perfect record. In his first game, he overcame a position where he'd lost seventeen gangsters (primarily by seduction)! Needless to say, the Nose knows how to make some serious dough!

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