2001-2002 World PBEM Championship

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Finalist Introductions
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Each of our finalists is a criminal mastermind who continuously schemes for complete and final dominance over the streets of Chicago!  If there was ever a conspiracy theory that matched reality, these must have been the ones behind it!  Let's meet each villain in the order they'll be moving:

Jezebel and the Eyes of Jade (Sharee Pack)

Jezebel is most widely known as the GM’s better-half and mother of “The Kid” (David Pack).  As a result, this is her first rated game of Gangsters vs. John “The Viper” Pack (who, as GM, has always made certain she played against other opponents).  No avoiding it this time, however!

This is Jezebel’s first BPA tournament and first final.  However, she has played many PBEM games of Gangsters over the years and the terror of her vamp is widespread!  Jezebel is current ranked 11th by AREA.  However, the GM assures every mobster that Jezebel is quite likely the best player in the game.  Her copyrighted “Mean Yellow Middle” strategy won three straight family games in one day before John and Nathan (his brother) managed to overcome it!  You can be sure you’ll see it in this game since she’s moving first!

Jezebel earned her way into the final in a very close cash victory where the other players (including the previous PBEM champion, Mike “The Nose” Anchors) had 9 joints, $9,300, and $9,600 respectively!  Talk about a close finish!

Strings and the Bull’s Eye Gang (Bob Hamel)

This PBEM competition is Strings first Gangsters final.  However, lest that fool anyone – Strings is also the AREA ratings champion for Gangsters!  He may play too many other games at the WBC, but he’s very good at Gangsters!  Strings keeps his gang in dah family -- his wife (Diana) and son (Matthew) are also both avid players!

Strings earned his way into the final with an easy Red monopoly.  The closest other players ended with $7,600 and 7 joints.  Strings also has a reputation for being one of the most enjoyable opponents – having many well-deserved sportsmanship accolades!

Sluggo and Da Boyz 'n da Gang (Pitt Crandlemire)

Sluggo joined the mob at Avaloncon 1998 where he earned the coveted "Godfather Junior" award, placing second over-all in a field of 40!  In 1999 his now-patented sneak-up-the-cash strategy claimed the title in a field of 51 (relegating the former champion, "The Stephmeister," to second place). Despite a record field of 63 in 2000, Sluggo retained the championship and claimed the “Millennial Godfather” title.

In fact, Sluggo has appeared in four consecutive WBC finals (1998-2001) and both PBEM finals!  No other Godfather has demonstrated such long-term dominance.  Sluggo is currently ranked 3rd by AREA.

Sluggo arrived at this final with an easy cash win using his patented strategy – overcoming The Enforcer’s attempted red monopoly.    His biggest challenge in this game may be that Jezebel also prefers Greenwood Park-based strategies!

The Viper and the Yella Dogz (John Pack)

The Viper is well known -- after all, he's the Gamemaster! The Viper's first Gangsters tournament at Avaloncon in 1995 saw him bring home the wood (despite learning he’d been playing incorrectly on several counts at home). The Viper is the only mobster to ever earn the Godfather title by owning Ten Joints! Unable to defend his title in 1996 due to scheduling conflicts, he volunteered to be GM and has done so since 1997. The Viper also made it to the finals in 1997 where his fondest memory was losing 6 Racketeers in one fell swoop to Robocop (#10) to ensure his 4th place finish.

His proudest achievements are the development of the PBEM system, publication of two strategy articles, formation of the PBEM tournament, and taking the WBC Gangsters event from a faltering participation of 16 to the 45-50 range!

The Viper is currently rated 2nd by AREA.  He earned his way into the final with Ten Joints in a game that saw Flash Flood unable to win for several turns despite being over the $9,000 level and also saw another player (Shades) with 9 joints!

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