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2021 World Email Championships

Open Swiss-Elim Tournament

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Last Updated: May 11th, 2021

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April 8th, 2021 - June 10th, 2021

Post-pandemic inflation?   I think it's a myth.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk manages to secure a D-1616 ornate pipe that belonged to Sir Walter Raleigh for a mere $3,000.  Not to be outdone, Allan Jiang got a A-1468 Mask of Shame from the bargain bin for $1,000.  With bargains like those available, perhaps we need to go shopping?!  Allan Jiang does exactly that -- spending all four of his checks before anyone passed the center 2/1 zone.

Ken Gutermuth and Cary Morris put on a show in Game #2 -- with a tie on the 7th space of the final table!  They brought the two best exhibits of the game with them -- 9 cards (oldest 1760) vs. 5 cards (oldest 1468) -- giving Ken the win even though SpielByWeb shows Cary first (SpielByWeb uses color order when two players are on the same space).  Dominic Blais also made it to the table in that one, earning two spaces.  The 11 cards in that game that were not connected to four players' sets suggest a bruising finish!

Sharee Pack has won three games without a set.  She claims that her second place finish could have been improved if only the other players had stolen another artwork or two.

Player SpielByWeb One Two Three Four Five Total
Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Points Spaces Sets Cards Oldest
Sharee Pack shareerpack10 5 11 4 13 5 18 5 22 0 19 6 3 16 1875
Sean McCullochstmccull17518120025115121626281616
Haakon R. MonsenMonsoonX28514308312012924261468
Derek Landeldlandel13414416021025412825251468
Dan Leaderdanleader50658413217112220251650
Tim MossmanIronMoss261270136410412037371468
Allan Jianga4408294115160200111027271468
Ken Gutermuthkgutermuth1225409113311727311616
Wendy McCallionIC3McCallion14115517222026311627311468
Thomas BrowneAuron70851021541901166121616
John Packjohnrpack1601731902452831138151650
Dominic BlaisFortiche1841902102642311210181660
Cary MorrisDagKees243050103143101014191468
Kevin Wojtaszczykkwojtasz9510112017421010621221468
Ivan Lawsonpastgo6170931421839425321468
Chris TrimmerTrimChris1131201451902308821211616
Christopher Yaureactuaryesquire25326228150928023291650
Laurie Wojtaszczyklauriew91724425227040817023261468
Bob Hamelbhamel3040631121527019221660
Michael McKibbinhgman23024126530706111131650
Rob FlowersEpworthian122023025122625015221650
Steve Cameronstevegamer1531601822302705011171650
Oliver SearlesOlback2002102302844044881760
Doug GalulloDougG21022024311504018181660
Tom DeMarcoTom DeMarco27028221701114013191650
Martin BurgdorfMartin1201311512002424010181660
Andrew Drummondardrummo40507012016000002021
Lexi Sheaburnssccrymsc58131902002202703000002021

Please contact the GM, John Pack, with any comments or questions regarding the format, game engine, rules, or play as the games progress.

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