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Format: Single Elimination. Winners advance to future rounds. Highest seeded player (who has not received a previous bye) receives a bye in the event of an odd number of players. Players may optionally agree to play a pair of games (one as each side); in such dual-game matches, ties are awarded to the lower-seeded player.

Tournament Period: Two Years (Beginning September 15th of odd-numbered years)

Current Tournament Period:  September 15th, 2015 - September 12th, 2017
Next Tournament Period: September 15th, 2017 - September 12th, 2019

Next Start Date:  September 15th, 2015

Final Ranking: The final four may advance into a championship and consolation match to determine first through fourth place. Alternatively, those who would advance to a consolation match may accept third and fourth place based on the finish of their opponent who advances to the championship (i.e., the individual defeated by the champion in the next-to-last round would be third place).

# of Rounds: 6 Maximum

Participants: First 64 BPA Members to sign up.  Non-members who wish to play must join the BPA as associate members for $10.

Round Length: 4 months

Seeding: By AREA ranking as of September 1st (those without one will be ranked in the order of sign up as if their rating were 5000).

Pairings: After ordering the players by AREA ranking, the list will be divided in half with the top half playing the second half. For example, suppose 9 players have the ratings shown in the first column. They'd be paired as shown in the second column (assuming player #1 had not had a previous bye):

#1       5761GHEF9
#2       5733IHBB8
#3       5692EEAA9
#4       5623JFBC9
#5       5621HFE-9
#6       5578ECE-9
#7       5464HDAC8
#8       5321EDB-8
#9       4965DBAA9
#1 Bye
#2 vs. #6
#3 vs. #7
#4 vs. #8
#5 vs. #9

A simpler example: Suppose there are 16 players. 1-8 are the top half, 9-16 are the second half. #1 plays #9, #2 plays #10, etc.

Drop Outs: Players may drop out at the end of any game.

Incomplete Games: All games which are incomplete at the conclusion of a round will be adjudicated per the universal format..

Reporting: Semi-finalists and finalists are encouraged to report the status of their games in as much detail as desired. In each round, the USN player must report the PoC score at the end of each game turn.

Trophy: The undefeated champion will receive the Boardgame Players' Association "PBEM VITP Single Elimination" Championship Plaque. The top finisher will also have his/her name engraved on the traveling World Championship Trophy. The undefeated champion automatically qualifies for the next Top 10 Invitational Bracket.  The BPA will award points toward its Annual Caesar Award (Competitor of the Year) for the top six places.  2nd place goes to the defeated finalist.  Baring a consolation match, 3rd place goes to the semi-finalist defeated by the winner; 4th place to the semi-finalist defeated by the runner-up.  5th place goes to the quarter-finalist defeated by the winner; 6th place to the quarter-finalist defeated by the runner-up.

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