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Read the full 2013 Tournament Write-up by clicking here.

2014 Tournament Theme:
The Colors of the Mob

This year we'll celebrate the Colors of our Gangsters' gangs.  We'll have several items to party to our gangs' rainbow of colors.  When you arrive, you'll draw a wrist-band that determines your table and gang color -- and which is cool enough to wear all week.

You'll also pick up a loaded grenade-shaped squirt gun to use during the action.  Bombs, guns, water, and hits on opposing gangs in a single package -- the perfect accessory for any criminal mastermind.  They'll come in a variety of colors (albeit not in all gangs' colors, sadly).  I'll have to put the squeeze on my supplier.

Winners will have it made in the shade this year, as they'll get to pick up a pair of shades in their gang's color when they turn in the player chits at the end of the game!  Deck yourself out in a palette of color this year -- as only Gangsters can do it.  In addition, I'll have a blue pair of sunglasses for the first four who qualifies for the Barney Fife Memorial this year (though only the first will get the plaque and be recorded on the winner's page).  I'll even have some purple shades for five-player games...

"You can have any colour, as long as it's black." -- Henry Ford

Henry Ford's got it wrong.  Black is so 2013.  This year, get some color in your underworld.  For those playing multiple heats, players who've already played one color can re-draw to get a new color if desired!  (This option does not apply to the advanced rounds, however.)

We'll have new badges celebrating every color of the Mob this year too.  Just call it a Gangsters experiment in "diversity."  Sure, we're multi-cultural too -- Southside, Eastside, Westside, or North Gang -- we put the hit out on 'em all.  Don't miss out on yours -- attend early and often!

Changes -- The schedule has some significant changes to accommodate the board's new rules (requiring all events that have four heats to schedule one at 9 or 10 am), move to earlier/easier times, and synchronize with other events' schedules.  The Monday heat is moving two hours earlier (one hour earlier than 2010-2012) so that Gangsters can enjoy an earlier evening time.  The biggest change is the fourth heat -- which will now be Saturday at 9 in the morning!  We'll definitely need some shades at that hour.  The good news about the morning time is that no one will have started any other event and can ensure they make it if the earlier heats didn't provide the opportunity.  The semi-final and final return to their normal timeslots (on Saturday evening) since I've now ensured no conflict with Adel Verpflichtet (by being the GM of that event too).

Beginner Sessions



Location Training Topic


9:00 PM

August 5th

Wheatland (not Terrace 3) Sample Play/Demo



1) Monday

7:00 PM

August 4th

Marietta Openings & Classic Strategies

2) Tuesday

10:00 PM

August 5th Wheatland

Cops on the Beat

3) Thursday

11:00 PM

August 7th

Wheatland Maximizing Movement

4) Saturday

9:00 AM

August 9th

Strasburg Shootouts & Violence

2nd Round (Semi-Final)



8:00 PM

August 9th


3rd Round (Final)



11:00 PM

August 9th


Reminders -- Players are reminded to fill in all of the end-of-game details; otherwise, all players in your game are penalized when it comes to tie-breakers.  The winner should turn in all player chits and collect his/her shades!

Players are also reminded to carefully step through the sequence of play so as not to forget the Buy Phase, to award all payouts (including opponents' Organized Crime), and to complete shootouts.  Rushing to get to the next player can make correcting forgotten steps difficult.

Remember, no notes regarding the cash held by another player may be made.  The player chit may not be used to track cash.  All cash must be on the table in a single location (with short exceptions for a quick count, of course).

Please record all funny comments in your games -- they make for more interesting write-ups!

Bring your Friends!

Inexperienced players will have three options when they check in at each heat:

Those who select the first option will watch the rules video (unless they've just seen it during the Tuesday night demo) and then begin their game.  Those who select the second option will get an in-depth strategy demo on one of the following topics (based on which heat it is) in order:  1) Openings & Classic Strategies, 2) Cops on the Beat, 3) Maximizing Movement, and 4) Shootouts & Violence.  The third option can be selected with either of the first two (or not at the player's option); those who select the coach option will get an entire game of coaching from an experienced player in exchange for automatically awarding the game to the coach (since s/he still needs to advance).

That's all the news for now.  Make the streets safe for donuts and cops!  See you in a month!


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