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2015 World Email Championships

Open Swiss-Elim Tournament

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Last Updated: January 29th, 2014

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January 25th, 2015 - March 28th, 2015

Player SpielByWeb Round One Round Two Round Three Round Four Round Five Total
Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Points Spaces Sets Cards Oldest
Alex BoveMontu506070102000002015
Thomas BrowneAuron703060205000002015
Martin BurgdorfMartin401050206000002015
Steve Cameronstevegamer105020603000002015
Richard deCastongreneRichard602050104000002015
Tom DeMarcoTom DeMarco507020406000002015
George GaluschakGeorge_Galuschak505050505000002015
Ken Gutermuthkgutermuth606060606000002015
Hochboim Haimhaimke601030507000002015
Bob Hamelbhamel701020304000002015
Bob JamelliJakeTKE305070204000002015
Max Jamellilefty501040703000002015
Derek Landeldlandel206030704000002015
Deb Lawrencebrainguru405060701000002015
Ivan Lawsonpastgo704010502000002015
Keith Laytonkeithl4170a304050607000002015
Dan Leaderdanleader104070306000002015
Wendy McCallionIC3McCallion103050702000002015
Sean McCullochstmccull406010305000002015
Haakon R. MonsenMonsoonX607010203000002015
John Packjohnrpack702040601000002015
Sharee Packshareerpack407030602000002015
Oliver SearlesOlback202020202000002015
George SearyGeorgeS603070401000002015
Peter Staabpestaab101010101000002015
Greg Thatcherthatchergreg203040506000002015
Chris TrimmerTrimChris204060103000002015
Suzanne TuchSuzanne502060307000002015
Jim VroomJimV99306020501000002015
Aran WarszawskiAran307040105000002015
Kevin Wojtaszczykkwojtasz303030303000002015
Laurie Wojtaszczyklauriew917205010407000002015
Christopher Yaureactuaryesquire102030405000002015

Please contact the GM, John Pack, with any comments or questions regarding the format, game engine, rules, play, or joining in as the games progress.

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