Adel Verpflichtet
(also known as By Hook or By Crook and Hoity Toity)

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2015 World Email Championships

Open Swiss-Elim Tournament

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Last Updated: March 9th, 2015

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January 25th, 2015 - March 28th, 2015

Player SpielByWeb Round One Round Two Round Three Round Four Round Five Total
Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Game Points Points Spaces Sets Cards Oldest
Greg Thatcherthatchergreg2535445564232547471616
Aran WarszawskiAran3470451455181538381468
Chris TrimmerTrimChris244464123418444451468
Dan Leaderdanleader1345713365171242421468
Kevin Wojtaszczykkwojtasz3334303535171217221660
Suzanne TuchSuzanne542362347417454541468
Derek Landeldlandel2265307544161534381468
Bob Hamelbhamel7514203245161226291616
George SearyGeorgeS6233754510151133331468
Haakon R. MonsenMonsoonX647015243114932321468
Hochboim Haimhaimke651530537114925311468
Thomas BrowneAuron713263255213424291650
Peter Staabpestaab111214151012932351650
Ken Gutermuthkgutermuth636165606312527291468
Laurie Wojtaszczyklauriew9172150114475111230331468
Jim VroomJimV99356420521011724271468
John Packjohnrpack742542601011614191468
Alex BoveMontu556372112011310231650
Ivan Lawsonpastgo724113542010333361468
Sean McCullochstmccull40621231549428301616
Christopher Yaureactuaryesquire12223042539123271660
Max Jamellilefty53114171339025341616
Wendy McCallionIC3McCallion15315072208218221468
Bob JamelliJakeTKE3150742142827201468
Martin BurgdorfMartin40135023628119221616
Richard deCastongreneRichard61225013417215251616
Steve Cameronstevegamer14502060326116191760
Oliver SearlesOlback23212022206111171775
Keith Laytonkeithl4170a32425060726020241660
Deb Lawrencebrainguru40506174105116161660
Tom DeMarcoTom DeMarco5270204161407161760
George GaluschakGeorge_Galuschak51505051513022251660
Sharee Packshareerpack407030602000002015

Please contact the GM, John Pack, with any comments or questions regarding the format, game engine, rules, play, or joining in as the games progress.

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