Adel Verpflichtet
(also known as By Hook or By Crook and Hoity Toity)
Tournament Format Clarifications

Slow Players

Why, when players are asked to check in every day, do I have to wait to complain about a slow player until he's delayed the game by at least 48 hours?

Players are asked to check in every day.  Suppose a player checks in at 4:30 am on Monday.  It's not her turn.  She heads to work.  At 4:31, one of her opponents checks in and makes his move.  It's now the first player's turn.  She's swamped for the next couple of days but knows she must check in on Tuesday.  She checks in at 11:53 pm and makes her move.  She has complied with the daily check-in requirement -- even though the game was waiting on her for 44 hours and 22 minutes.  Because early one day and late the next check-ins could result in a game being delayed by close to 48 hours, players are not cited for delay-of-game until a game has been on hold for more than 48 hours.  Please don't notify the GM of a delay until the "Game Last Updated:" time is at least 48 hours ago.  Thank you!

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